Hopper The Horrid is a Potential Plotline episode.


Phil and Pete bring a new coal hopper, Hopper, to the coal yards, and warn Billy that he is very aggresive. Hopper proves that point when Billy tries to shunt him, to which re replies by roaring "KEEP AWAY!" He later scares Percy, and Billy resolves to shunt Hopper. Unfortunately, he bumps Hopper so hard that he derails. When he helps Hopper back to the rails, Hopper reveals he was aggresive so he wouldn't have to carry coal, as he was scared. Billy, however, shows him it is n hardship, and now Hopper is the best-behaved coal truck in the yard.

Characters Featured

  • Billy
  • Dennis
  • Phil and Pete
  • Percy
  • Hopper
  • Arthur (does not speak)
  • Rocky (does not speak)


  • First apperence of Hopper and his CGI face.


  • When Billy bumps Hopper off the rails, Hopper's eyes are looking in different directions.
  • It is said that Billy and Hopper shunt together, but Hopper has no motor.


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