Hopper Watches the Blob (1988) and gets grounded is a customized episode made by SuperMalechi.


Hopper asks his mom if he can watch a movie, and she says if he watches a horror movie, he will be grounded. But he watches The Blob anyways, not knowing it is a horror movie till the horror begins.


  • Hopper: Hey, mom. Can I watch a movie?
  • Hopper's Mother: Yes, and if you watch a horror movie, your grounded.
  • Hopper: Good idea. (flies to the dining room) I am gonna see what is in here. I know, The Blob!
  • (25 minutes later)
  • Hopper: Why does this movie have horror stuff! It can't be like that! I hate this movie! I would rather watch Barney!
  • Hopper's Mother: Hopper, are you watching a horror movie!
  • Hopper: Uh oh!
  • Hopper's Mother: Son, I cannot believe you were watching The Blob! Why won't you listen?! That's it you're grounded for 2 weeks!
  • Hopper: I'll be quiet.
  • Hopper's Mother: Good! And go up stairs to your room now!
  • Hopper: Fine. (flies up to his room and sits on his leaf bed) It's fine. I here this movie anyways, besides, I'm pretty tired.

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