Welcome to dan and ailish and tomas's wishlist!

We have articulated some of our material dreams and needs on this list so that those who wish to contribute to us may know how to best do so. Thank you, wonderful family and friends :-)

We chose to do a wiki because it allows folks to contribute information, as well as gifts. Also, since it enables us to specify gifts regardless of venue, it allows the option of finding the item gently used, or via a trade. You don't have to edit this page; you can email us any ideas that you have about items/places to find things. But if you want to add inside the list, click the 'edit' button above and follow the directions.

As of 9/20, we've put together a few ideas. Please check back to see how things have evolved. Or not. :-)

We've divided them into categories:


  • nothing! thanks grandmother!!!! thanks aaron and cecilia!
  • Okay, maybe 4t clothes come winter


  • guzzi stuff...
  • 'respectable work shoes'


  • shoes
  • clothes

(looking for a certificate that could be used at multiple places, and/or some cool online shoes & clothes places)


  • lamp(s) for dining room?
  • living room ceiling fan


  • car to replace red car?


  • dinner in nyc?
  • (also a secret idea: contact ailish)


Please remember that it's you that are our biggest present. :-)

---Dan, Ailish, and Tomas

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