The civil war of 3005 to 3150 N.E. in the old Horsehead Empire over rival royal lines claiming to represent the true First Citizen led to the division into two Horsehead empires, one was the Independent Horsehead Empire, which ended up with more planets and solar systems, but fewer aristocrats and aristocratic families. The other was the Horoko Empire, which included the Horseheads' racial home planet of Horoko. The Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun (see also Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun in the New Universe) is still the official religion of the Horoko Empire as it was in the older Horsehead Empire. The Horoko Empire is actually more racist than the Independent Horsehead Empire, as it has decreed that only Horseheads can serve as nobles/aristocrats, though members of non-Horsehead races can democratically elect leaders with the right to petition Horsehead aristocrats for favors. The increasingly dominate religion of non-Horsehead subjects of the Horoko Empire is the Church of the True God of the Unconquered Sun, which is closely watched by Solar Church priests and religious zealots and by Horoko Empire authorities. Violence between followers of the two faiths has occured over the religious allegiance of Horsehead subjects of the Horoko Empire. Relations with the United Republic of Earth in the New Universe are cordial but mutually suspicious, and there is foreign trade by the corporations of the Interplanetary Merchant League in the New Universe though League businesspeople are still viewed with suspicion. Much of the economy in the Horoko Empire is controlled by Cartels, which are privately owned by Horsehead aristocrats, by the Solar Church, by the Empire government, or any combination of the three. relations with Golem space in the New Universe are downright hostile to the point of periodic armed conflicts, due to religious prejudice by radical Solar Church elements against A.I. machines, particularly the Golems.

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