Horrid Father is a Codename: Kids Next Door/Horrid Henry Parody Series.


  • Father as Horrid Henry (Father and Horrid Henry are both Evil and Horrid)
  • Numbuh 1 as Perfect Peter (Numbuh 1 and Perfect Peter are both Heroic and Kind-Hearted)
  • Numbuh 5 as Gorgeous Gurinder
  • Homer Simpson (from The Simpsons) as Henry's Dad
  • Marge Simpson (from The Simpsons) as Henry's Mom
  • Numbuh 362 as Sour Susan
  • Numbuh 4 as Goody-Goody Gordon
  • Numbuh 3 as Singing Soraya
  • Numbuh 2 as Tidy Ted
  • The Kid as Stuck-Up Steve
  • Lizzie Divine as Prissy Polly
  • Numbuh 10 as Lazy Linda
  • Numbuh 86 as Miss Battle-Axe
  • Numbuh 60 as Mr. Mossy
  • Henrietta Von Marzipan as Miss Lovley
  • Numbuh 1-Love as Spotless Sam
  • Joe Balooka as Anxious Andrew
  • Trevor as Brainy Brian
  • Heinrich Von Marzipan as Slimy Sammy (Slimy Sammy's voice suits Heinrich Von Marzipan)
  • Chad Dickson as Bossy Bill
  • Cree Lincoln as Moody Margret (Cree Lincoln and Moody Margret are both Moody and Bossy)


  • Horrid Father Tricks and Treats
  • Horrid Father's Hobby
  • Horrid Father's Hike
  • Horrid Father and The Devious Babysitter
  • Moody Cree Moves In
  • Horrid Father's Sports
  • Horrid Father's School Fair
  • Horrid Father Eats Out
  • Horrid Father Goes Swimming
  • Horrid Father's Mega Mean Time Machine
  • Horrid Father's Birthday
  • Horrid Father and The Tooth Fairy
  • Horrid Father Goes To Work
  • Horrid Father and The Dinner Guests
  • Horrid Father's Horrid Revenge
  • Horrid Father Get Rich Quick
  • Horrid Father Runs Away
  • and more coming soon

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