Horrid Henry/Arthur are parodies with Arthur sounds and Horrid Henry clips.


  • Horrid Henry as Arthur
  • Perfect Peter as DW [I know but Peter and D.W. both drive Arthur and Henry crazy]
  • Singing Soraya as Ladonna
  • Rude Ralph as Buster
  • Lazy Linda as Sue ellen
  • Gorgeous Girinda as Muffy
  • Brainy Brian as Brain
  • Beefy Bert as Binky (Stuck Up Steve can't be Binky, Stuck Up Steve is posh, Binky is abit filthy)
  • Greedy Graham as George (Both begin with G and both have an orange shirt)
  • Bob sir as Mr. Ratburn
  • Henry's Dad as Arthur's Dad
  • Sour Susan as Francine
  • Pimpy Paul as Rattles [Both are bullies to Arthur and Henry]
  • Margaret's Dad as Grandpa Dave
  • Prissy Polly as Nadine
  • Henry's Mom as Arthur's mom
  • Moody Margret as Molly McDonald [Molly and Margret's names both begin with M and are enemies to Arthur and Henry
  • Lisa (D.W.'s friend) as Tidy Ted
  • Emily as Goody-Goody Gordon
  • Lucy (A Rabbit) as Spotless Sam
  • Pal as The lost dog
  • Tiddles as Nemo Frensky
  • Mrs. Featherfoth (Arthur's Babysitter) as Mrs. BattleAxe
  • Los Dobres as Nasty Nicola

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