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Version 1

  • Perfect Peter as Numbuh 1
  • Tidy Ted as Numbuh 2
  • Singing Soroya as Numbuh 3
  • Goody-Goody Gordon as Numbuh 4
  • Sour Susan as Numbuh 5
  • Georgous Gurinder as Numbuh 362
  • Aerodic Al as Numbuh 60
  • Anxious Andrew as Joe Balooka
  • Stuck-Up Steve as The Kid
  • Brainy Brian as Trevor
  • Spotless Sam as Numbuh 1-Love
  • Horrid Henry as Heinrich Von Marzipan
  • Lazy Linda as Henrietta Von Marzipan
  • Moody Margret as Cree Lincoln (Moody Margret and Cree Lincoln are Moody and Bossy)
  • Miss Battle-Axe as Grandma Stuffum
  • Pimply Paul as Chad Dickson
  • Slimy Sammy as King Sandy
  • Mr. Nerdon as Father

Version 2 (Made by SonicandKnuckles) DO NOT EDIT, ADD OR DELETE!)

  • Perfect Peter as Numbuh 1 (Both Leaders) (Numbuh 1's Voice Suits Perfect Peter)
  • Tidy Ted as Numbuh 2 (Both Western) (Numbuh 2's Voice Suits Tidy Ted)
  • Prissy Polly as Numbuh 3 (Both Cute) (Numbuh 3's Voice Suits Prissy Polly)
  • Goody Goody Gordon as Numbuh 4 (Both Small) (Numbuh 4's Voice Suits Goody Goody Gordon)
  • Sour Susan as Numbuh 5 (Both Beautiful and Smart) (Numbuh 5's Voice Suits Sour Susan)
  • Miss Battle-Axe as Numbuh 86 (Both Bossy, Bitchy and Horrid) (Numbuh 86's Voice Suits Miss Battle-Axe)
  • Georgous Gruinder as Numbuh 362 
  • Mr. Mossy as Numbuh 60
  • Lazy Linda as Numbuh 10
  • Spotless Sam as Numbuh 1-Love
  • Aerobic Al as Maurice
  • Stuck Up Steve as The Kid (Both Vain)
  • Anxious Andrew as Joe Balooka
  • Brainy Brian as Trevor
  • Margaret's Dad as Monty Uno
  • Thomas (from Thomas) as Sidney
  • Emily (from Thomas) as Jessica
  • Singing Soraya as Lizzie Devine
  • Slimy Sammy as Heinrich Von Marzipan (Both have foreign accents) (Heinrich Von Marzipan's Voice Suits Slimy Sammy)
  • Miss Lovley as Henrietta Von Marzipan (Both Beautiful and Kind) (Henrietta Von Marzipan's Voice Suits Miss Lovley)
  • Moody Margaret as Cree Lincoln (Both Bossy) (Cree Lincoln's Voice Moody Margaret)
  • Bossy Bill as Chad Dickson (Chad Dickson's voice suits Bossy Bill)
  • Mrs. Battle-Axe as Mushi Sanban
  • Peter's Devil as King Sandy
  • Rude Ralph as Toilenator (Toilenator's voice suits Rude Ralph)
  • Mischievous Mike as Knightbrace (Knightbrace's voice suits Mischievous Mike)
  • The Robot Pirate as Stickybeard (Both pirates)
  • Big Boss as Count Spankalot (Count Spankalot's voice suits Big Boss)
  • Horrid Henry as Father (Both the main villains) (Father's Voice Suits Horrid Henry)
  • Mutant Max as Grandfather (Grandfather's Voice Suits Mutant Max)

Voice Cast

  • Ben Diskin - Perfect Peter and Tidy Ted
  • Lauren Tom - Prissy Polly
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Goody-Goody Gordon and Slimy Sammy
  • Cree Summer - Gorgeous Gurinder and Moody Margaret
  • Jennifer Hale - Miss Battle Axe
  • Rachael MacFarlane - Sour Susan
  • Matt Levin - Mr. Mossy
  • Grey Delise - Singing Soraya
  • Daren Norris - Anxious Andrew
  • Carlos Alazaraqui - Stuck-Up Steve
  • Tom Kenny - Brainy Brian
  • Keith Ferguson - Spotless Sam
  • Maurice LaMarche - Horrid Henry


  • Perfect Peter would be a Leader of Sector V.
  • Tidy Ted would be a 2x4 Technology Officer.
  • Prissy Polly would be Happy-Go-Lucky and loves Rainbow Monkeys.
  • Goody-Goody Gordon would be Hand-To-Hand Combat.
  • Gorgeous Gurinder would be Relaxed, Indiana Jones Fangirl and loves candy.
  • Miss Battle Axe would be the head of Decommission.
  • Sour Susan would be the Leader of Kids Next Door Moon Base.
  • Moody Margaret would be Gorgeous Gurinder's Evil Older Sister and a Teenage Ninja.
  • Slimy Sammy would be a German Indiana Jones Fanboy and a Candy Explorer, Who Wears a Monocle Like Adolf Hitler and Gorgeous Gurinder's Candy Hunting Rival.
  • Miss Lovley would be The Girl Version of Slimy Sammy and Gorgeous Gurinder's German Candy Hunting Friend
  • Horrid Henry would be the Leader of the Villains

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