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Version 1

  • Perfect Peter as Harry Potter
  • Goody Goody Gordon as Ron Weasley
  • Gorgeous Gurinder as Hermione Granger
  • The Fat Controller (from Thomas and Friends) as Professor Dumbledore
  • Miss Battle Axe as Professor McGonagall (both have Scottish Accents)
  • Henry's Dad as James Potter
  • Henry's Mum as Lily Potter
  • Anxious Andrew as Neville Longbottom
  • Beefy Bert as Hagrid
  • Soggy Sid as Professor Snape
  • Sigmund The Sorcerer (from Fanboy & Chum Chum) as Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Pimply Paul as Argus Filch
  • Big Boss as Lucius Malfoy
  • Horrid Henry as Draco Malfoy
  • Rude Ralph as Crabbe
  • Mischievous Mike as Goyle
  • Bossy Bill as teenage Tom Riddle
  • Mutant Max as Lord Voldemort
  • Sour Susan as Ginny Weasley
  • Brainy Brian as Mr Weasley
  • Moody Margaret as Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Rabid Rebecca as Dolores Umbridge
  • Mr Mossy as Sirus Black
  • Tidy Ted as Remus Lupin
  • Moe (from The Simpsons) as Mad eye Moody
  • Mr. Burns (from The Simpsons) as Quirinus Quirrell
  • Scott Ternorman (from South Park) as Uncle Vernon
  • Rich Aunt Ruby as Aunt Petunia
  • Stuck-up Steve as Dudley Dursley
  • Slimy Sammy as Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail
  • Fang the Hamster as Scabbers
  • Greedy Graham as Fred Weasley
  • Jolly Josh as George Weasley


Gorgeous Gurinder: "At least no one of Gryffindor had to buy their way in. They got in on pure talent."

Horrid Henry: "No one asked your opinion, you filthy little mudblood!"

Goody goody Gordon "You'll pay for that one, Henry! Eat slugs!"

Soggy Sid: "Mr Peter, our newest celebrity. Tell me, what is a bezoar?"

Peter Perfect: "I don't know, sir."

Soggy Sid: "Pity. Clearly, fame isn't everything, is it Mr Peter?"

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