Version 1

  • Mr. Mossy as Mufasa
  • Mrs. Mossy as Sarabi
  • Goody Goody Gordon as Young Simba
  • Perfect Peter as Adult Simba
  • Prissy Polly as Young Nala
  • Gorgeous Gurinder as Adult Nala
  • Stuck-Up Steve as Timon
  • Anxious Andrew as Pumbaa
  • Tidy Ted as Zazu
  • Margaret's Dad as Rafiki
  • Horrid Henry as Scar
  • Moody Margaret as Shenzi
  • Rude Ralph as Banzai
  • Bossy Bill as Ed

Version 2 

  • Henry's Dad as Mufasa
  • Henry's Mom as Sarabi
  • Perfect Peter as Young Simba
  • Lisping Lily as Young Nala
  • Horrid Henry as Adult Simba
  • Gorgeous Gurinder as Adult Nala
  • Stuck Up Steve as Timon
  • Beefy Bert as Pumbaa
  • Rude Ralph as Zazu
  • Margaret's Dad as Rafiki
  • Mr. Nerdon as Scar
  • The Brickhouse Boys as Shenzi and Banzai
  • Fang as Ed
  • Vomiting Vera as Young Kiara
  • Tidy Ted as Yong Kovu
  • Moody Margaret as Zira
  • Silmy Sammy as Nuka
  • Prissy Polly as Adult Kiara
  • Pimpy Paul as Adult Kovu
  • Sour Susan as Vitani
  • Lazy Linda as Ma
  • Mr. Mossy as Uncle Max
  • Kind Kelly as Tiana

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