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Horrid Henry/The Railway Series is a parody with Horrid Henry footage and The Railway Series audio.


Version 1 (made by SonicandKnuckles AKA sonicandknuxfan)

  • Perfect Peter as Thomas
  • Brainy Brian as Edward
  • Anxious Andrew as Henry
  • Aerobic Al as Gordon
  • Stuck Up Steve as James
  • Goody Goody Gordon as Percy
  • Tidy Ted as Toby
  • Weepy William as Duck
  • Lenny Leonard (from The Simpsons) as Donald
  • Carl Carlson (from The Simpsons) as Douglas
  • Spotless Sam as Oliver
  • Lazy Linda as Pip
  • Gorgeous Gurinder as Emma (Emma's voice suits Gorgeous Gurinder)
  • Jolly Josh as Stepney
  • Dizzy Dave as Toad
  • Beefy Bert as Flying Scotsman
  • Rocket The Sloth (from Sonic) as Neil
  • Prissy Polly as Catherine
  • Fluffy the Cat as Bertie
  • Margaret's Mum as Isabel
  • Princess Peach (from Super Mario World) as Annie
  • Sandy (from Spongebob) as Clarabel
  • Slimy Sammy as The Foreign Engine
  • Grandpa as The Old Engine
  • Big Boss as Spamcan
  • Mr. Mossy as Bear
  • Sour Susan as Mavis
  • Horrid Henry as Diesel
  • Moody Margaret as Daisy
  • Bowser (From Super Mario World) as Old Stuck Up
  • Kind Kasim as The Works Diesel
  • Fry (from Futurama) as Terence
  • Hermes Conrad (from Futurama) as Trevor
  • Budgie (from Budgie the Little Helicopter) as Harold
  • Dr. Zoidberg (From Futurama) as Boco
  • Mr. Nerdon as D261
  • Rude Ralph, Mischievous Mike and The Brickhouse Boys as The Other Railway Diesels
  • Fang as Bulstrode
  • Robot Santa (From Futurama) as The Spiteful Breakevan
  • Ed Banger as Scruffey
  • Greedy Graham as Bulgy
  • Bossy Bill as George
  • Mrs. Battle-Axe as Caroline
  • Clamps (From Futurama) as Sixteen
  • New Nick as Wilbert
  • Uncle Chuck (From Sonic) as Iron Duke
  • Tails (From Sonic) as Green Arrow
  • Peter's Children as Bill and Ben
  • Tough Toby as Skarloey
  • Barry (from American Dad) as Rheneas
  • Stan (from American Dad) as Sir Handel
  • Steve (from American Dad) as Peter Sam
  • Snot (From American Dad) as Rusty
  • Pimply Paul as Duncan
  • Kif (From Futurama) as Duke
  • Damien (From South Park) as No.2 (aka Stanley)
  • Toshi (from American Dad) as Ivo Hugh
  • Heavy (from Sonic) as Mike
  • Bomb (from Sonic) as Bert
  • Espio (From Sonic) as Rex
  • Sonic (From Sonic) as Jock
  • Antoine (From Sonic) as Frank
  • Avery Bullock (from American Dad) as The Thin Controller
  • Henry's Dad as The Fat Controller
  • Henry's Mum as Lady Hatt
  • Chuckie (from Rugrats) as Stephen Hatt
  • Kimi (from Rugrats) as Bridget Hatt
  • Scruffy (from Futurama) as Tom Tipper
  • Miss Oddbod as The Refreshment Lady
  • Soggy Sid as The Angry Policeman
  • The Angry Stationmaster as himself
  • Rabid Rebecca/Miss Rancid as The Angry Stationmaster's Wife

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