• Perfect Peter as Wallace
  • Goody-Goody Gordon as Gromit
  • Gorgeous Gurinder as Lady Tottington
  • Pimply Paul as Victor
  • Stuck-Up Steve as Mr Growbag
  • Sour Susan as Mrs Mulch
  • Mr. Mossy as PC Mackintosh
  • Horrid Henry as Feathers McGraw
  • Slimmy Sammy as The Moon Machine
  • Lazy Linda as Wendolene
  • Mutant Max as Preston
  • Fluffy the Cat as Shaun the Sheep
  • Anxious Andrew as Vicar
  • All the other cats as The Sheep
  • The Jet Engine (from Thomas and Friends) as The Wrong Trousers
  • Moody Margaret as Piella
  • Prizzy Polly as Fluffles
  • Margaret's Dad as Mr. Mulch

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