Horrid Henry the Horrid Boy and Friends is a Horrid Henry Villains/Thomas parody series.


  • Horrid Henry as Thomas
  • A Rat as Edward
  • Slimy Sammy as Henry
  • Muntant Max as Gordon
  • Greedy Graham as James
  • Bossy Bill as Percy
  • The Angry Videogamen Nerd (from The Angry Videogame Nerd) as Toby
  • Danny (from Tourettes Guy) as Duck
  • Rude Raphl as Donald
  • Michievous Mike as Douglas
  • Peter's Devil as Oliver
  • Perfect Peter as Diesel
  • Fred Fartwell and another Gross Class Zero character as Bill and Ben
  • Mr. Nerdon as BoCo
  • Gorgeous Gurinder as Daisy
  • Mss Battle-Axe as Mavis
  • Eric Cartman (from South Park) as Stepney
  • Moody Margaret as Emily
  • Fang the Hamster as Bertie
  • Oliver (from Theodore Tugboat) as Salty
  • Duncan (from TTTE) as Harvey
  • Frank (from TUGS) as Arry
  • Eddie (from TUGS) as Bert
  • Bertram (from TTTE) as Fergus
  • Stewie Griffin (from Family Guy) as Skarloey
  • The Evil Monkey (from Family Guy) as Rheneas
  • Death (from Family Guy) as Sir Handel
  • Carter Pexterschmidt (from Faimly Guy) as Peter Sam
  • Franz Guttentag (from Family Guy) as Rusty
  • Ernie the Gaint Chicken (from Family Guy) as Duncan
  • Mr. Washee Washee (from Family Guy) as Duke
  • Jeff Felacman (from Family Guy) as Freddie
  • Evil Stewie (from Family Guy) as Mighty
  • Thaddeus Griffin (from Family Guy) as Mac
  • An Angry Old Man as Arthur
  • Grandma as Lady
  • Mr. Mossy as Diesel 10
  • Peter's Children as Splatter and Dodge
  • Soggy Sid as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Rabid Rebecca as Lady Hatt
  • Stinky (from Moomin) as Terence
  • Gorke (from Moomin) as Trevor
  • Zorran (from TUGS) as Toad
  • The Ghostly Gallion (from TUGS) as Derek
  • Goody Goody Gordon as Bulgy
  • Sour Susan as Elizabeth
  • Sruck-Up Steve as George
  • Hobart Hume (from Shining Time Station) as Murdoch
  • Anxious Andrew as Spencer
  • Wendy O Koopa (from Mario) as Caroline
  • Clayton (from Theodore Tugboat) as Cranky
  • Fluffy the Cat as Scruffey
  • Captain Zero (from TUGS) as Mr. Percival
  • Mrs. Zero (a fan-made character) (from TUGS) as Mrs. Percival
  • Evil Budgie (from Budgie the Little Helicopter) as Harold
  • Evil Prissy Polly as Rosie
  • Peter Griffin (from Family Guy) as Smudger
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Bulstrode
  • Dingo (from Sonic) as Stanley
  • Brainy Brain as The Spiteful Brakevan
  • Diesel (from TTTE) as Jack
  • Bulgy (from TTTE) as Alfie
  • Smudger (from TTTE) as Oliver (Pack)
  • Donald (from TTTE) as Max
  • Douglas (from TTTE) as Monty
  • Old Stuck-Up (from RWS) as Kelly
  • Diesel 10 (from TTTE) as Byron
  • Spencer (from TTTE) as Ned
  • Daisy (from TTTE) as Isobella
  • The Spiteful Brakevan (from TTTE) as Nelson
  • George (from TTTE) as Patrick
  • Spamcam (from RWS) as Buster
  • The Stationmaster's Wife (from TTTE) as Miss Jenny
  • The Angry Policeman (from TTTE) as The Foreman
  • Dizzy Dave as Lorry 1
  • Peter's Angle as Lorry 2
  • Tails (from Sonic) as Lorry 3
  • Fearless Phantom as D261
  • Wario (from Mario) as Whiff
  • Wlauigi (from Mario) as Scruff
  • Yeah What (from Hello Kitty) as Dennis
  • Ripslinger (from Planes) as Jeremy
  • Stepmother (from Cinderella) as Molly
  • Stanley/No. 2 (from RWS) as Billy
  • Cabot (from Theodore Tugboat) as Flynn
  • Constance (from Theodore Tugboat) as Belle
  • Grumpella (from The Little Engine That Could) as Old Slow Coach
  • Brickhouse Boy 1 as Bash
  • Brickhouse Boy 2 as Dash
  • Humbert (from Snow White) as Ferdinand
  • The Stepsisters (from Cinderella) as Annie and Clarabell
  • Evil Mighty Moe (from TUGS) as Rocky
  • Farnsworth (from The Little Engine That Could) as Captain
  • Mr. Burns (from The Simpsons) as Bert
  • Comic Book Guy (from The Simpsons) as Rex
  • Sideshow Bob (from The Simpsons) as Mike
  • Devil (from Hello Kitty) as Ryan
  • Bulstrode (from TTTE) as Skiff


Season 1

  • Horrid Henry and Muntant Max/Horrid Henry Gets Tricked
  • Rat and Muntant Max/Rat Helps Out
  • The Sad Story of Slimy Sammy/Come Out, Slimy Sammy!
  • Rat, Slimy Sammy and Mutant Max/Slimy Sammy to The Rescue
  • Horrid Henry's Goombas/A Big Day for Horrid Henry
  • Horrid Henry and The Cats/Trouble for Horrid Henry
  • Horrid Henry and The Breakdown Crane/Horrod Henry Saves The Day
  • Greedy Graham and The Goombas/Greedy Graham Learns a Lesson
  • Troublesme Cats/Foolish Cats
  • Greedy Graham and The Express/A Proud Day for Greedy Graham
  • Horrid Henry and The Guard/Horrid Henry and The Conductor
  • Horrid Henry Goes Fishing
  • Horrid Henry, Srinky and The Snow/Stinky the Furry Mammal
  • Horrid Henry and Fang/Horrid Henry and Fang's Great Race
  • Bad Guys and Turntables
  • Trouble in The House
  • Bossy Bill Runs Away
  • Medichine/Slimy Sammy's Specail Medichine
  • The Flying Kipper
  • Horns and Sneezes
  • The Angry Videogame Nerd and The Stouth Gym Teacher/The Angry Videogamen Nerd
  • Horrid Henry in Trouble/Horrid Henry Breaks The Rules
  • Dirty Objects/Greedy Graham in a Mess
  • Off The Road/Muntant Max Takes a Dip
  • Down The MIne
  • Horrid Henry's Christmas Party

Season 2

  • Horrid Henry, Bossy Bill and The Medichine/Double Trouble
  • Cats/A Cat on The Road
  • Fang's Chase
  • Saved from Scrap
  • Old Iron
  • Horrid Henry and Gorke/A New Friend for Horrid Henry
  • Bossy Bill and The Signal
  • Danny Takes Charge
  • Bossy Bill and Evil Budgie/Bossy Bill Proves a Point
  • The Runaway
  • Bossy Bill Takes The Plunge
  • Pop Goes The Good Boy
  • Dirty Work/Perfect Peter's Devious Deed
  • A Close Shave/A Close Shave for Danny
  • Better Late Than Ever
  • Brainy Brain/Rude Ralph and Mischievous Mike
  • The Deputaion
  • Horrid Henry Comes to Breakfast
  • Gorgeuos Gurinder
  • Bossy Bill's Predicament
  • The Teacheresael
  • Wrong Road
  • Rat's Explot
  • Ghost Boy/Bossy Bill's Ghostly Trick
  • Wooly Bear
  • Horrid Henry and The Missing Christmas Tree


  1. Horrid Henry (character)/Thomas
  2. Horrid Henry (character)/Percy
  3. Horrid Henry (character)/Toby
  4. Horrid Henry (character)/Diesel 10
  5. Horrid Henry (character)/Max
  6. Horrid Henry (character)/Monty
  7. Horrid Henry (character)/Bulgy
  8. Horrid Henry (character)/Trevor
  9. Horrid Henry (character)/Fergus
  10. Horrid Henry (character)/James
  11. Horrid Henry (character)/Splatter
  12. Horrid Henry (character)/Dodge
  13. Horrid Henry (character)/Donald
  14. Horrid Henry (character)/Douglas
  15. Horrid Henry (character)/Arry
  16. Horrid Henry (character)/Bert

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