Horrid Truck, Renamed Foolish Steam Van In American Realeses Is A Season 14 Episode.


  • Director: Steve Asquith
  • Narrators: Michael Brandon (US TV Redub)

                    Michael Angelis (UK/US)

                    Joseph J. Terry (US)

Featued Characters

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Colin
  • Truck 1
  • Truck 2
  • Truck 3
  • Truck 4
  • Truck 5
  • Edward (Cameo)
  • Henry (Cameo)
  • Gordon (Cameo)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (Cameo)
  • Oliver (Does Not Speak)
  • Harold (Deleted Scene Cameo)


At The Docks, Duck Is Talking To Colin. On This Fine Day, 5 Horrid Trucks Arrive. They Make Fun Of All The Engines. And Each One Has An Accedent.


  • Harold Was To Appear In This Episode, But It Was Cut.
  • Thomas Is A Darker Shade Of Blue.


  • Narrator: It Was A Nice Sunny Day On The Island Of Sodor. The Engines Were Working Hard. One Day, Duck Was Talking To Colin The Crane At The Docks.
  • Duck: Colin, What's Up?
  • Colin: I'm Thinking About New Arrivals.
  • Duck: I Love New Arrivals, But Not Troublesome Diesels.
  • Narrator: Soon, Duck Went To Talk To James.
  • James: Hello, Duck.
  • Duck: Hello, James.
  • James: New Arrivals Are There, But Not Bad Diesels & Bad Trucks.
  • Duck: Yes, James. I Am A Great Western Engine & Like To Work Without Fuss.
  • Narrator: Soon, A Gang Of 5 Trucks Drove To The Island Of Sodor.
  • Truck 1: You Engines, You'll Better Watch Out, Because We Cause Trouble.
  • Duck: I'll Will Watch Out.
  • Thomas: Yeah.
  • Duck: You're Right, Thomas.
  • Truck 2: We're Troublemakers.
  • Percy: Ooh, You Are.
  • Duck: You Are Troublesome.
  • Truck 3: Yeah, We Are. Hahahahahaha.
  • Truck 4: We Are Trucks.
  • Truck 5: Yeah.
  • Duck: Be Careful, Trucks.
  • Truck 1: Pah!
  • Narrator: And The Trucks Drove Off.
  • Duck: Those Trucks Are Troublesome, Guys.
  • Thomas: Yeah.
  • Percy: Yeah.
  • James: Ay, Stop That, Guys!
  • Duck: I Know, Red Engine.
  • Narrator: Later, Duck Was Puffing Along The Line When Truck 1 Drove Pass Him.
  • Duck: Oh, Never Mind About That Stupid Truck.
  • Narrator: Truck 1 Was Going Too Fast. And His Brakes Didn't Work, & He Coudn't Stop In Time.
  • Truck 1: Oh my god! NOO!!
  • Narrator: Truck 1 Flew Off The Road & Into The Sea.
  • Truck 1: Ouch!
  • Narrator: Soon Duck Puffed Up.
  • Duck: Serves You Right, You Stupid Lorry.
  • Narrator: Oliver Was Pulling A Flour Car To The Quarry When Truck 2 Crashed Into The Level Crossing.
  • Narrator: Later, Percy Was Shunting Trucks With Thomas & Toby When Another Truck Was Beside Him.
  • Truck 5: Oh, It's A Little Green Goblin On Wheels.
  • Thomas: Why Are You Making Fun Of Us?
  • Toby: You're Horrid!
  • Narrator: Soon, Duck Saw Truck 5 Driving. He Was Loaded With Tar.
  • Duck: Oh, Never Mind About That Stupid Truck.
  • Narrator: Truck 4 Drove Along & Was Heading Towards A Ditch.
  • Truck 4: Oh, God. I Can't Stop!
  • Narrator: Truck 4 Drove Straight Into The Ditch. Luckly, He Wasn't Hurt. Soon, Duck Puffed Up.
  • Duck: Oh, Serves You Right!
  • Narrator: Duck Was At The Yards When Truck 5 Drove Past Him.
  • Duck: Oh, Never Mind About The Stupid Truck.
  • Narrator: Truck 5 Was Caring Slate To The Incline & Was Out Of Control.
  • Truck 5: Flat My Fenders! My Wheels Are Skiding Me Out!
  • Narrator: His Wheels Were Skiding Along The Slippery Roads, Until Truck 5 Skided Through A Field.
  • Truck 5: Oh! HEEE-EEE-LL-PP!!
  • Narrator: Truck 5 Skided Along The Field & Saw A Barn!
  • Truck 5: Oh No! I Can't Stop My Wheels.
  • Narrator: He Shut His Eyes & Crashed Into The Barn!
  • Truck 5: Ouch!
  • Narrator: Luckly, Truck 5 Wasn't Hurt, But His Front Was Badly Damaged. Soon, Duck Arrived At The Wreckage.
  • Duck: Well, Well, Well, Serves You Right.
  • Narrator: The Railway Ran Through A Narrow Gorge. But Vehicles Have To Tackle A Steep & Dangerous Road. When Duck Arrived, He Saw Truck 3 From The Quarry. He Was Loaded With Rock! Duck Was Pleased That Truck 3 Had Been Out Of Control!
  • Duck: Let's See That Truck In Trouble!
  • Narrator: And Then, Truck 3 Fell Right Off A Cliff, & Crashed Into The Ground With A Loud Smash!
  • Narrator: The Driver Was Thrown Clear!
  • Truck 3's Driver: Rotton Roads!
  • Narrator: The Wrecked Truck 3 Was Taken To The Docks. Duck Brought The Five Trucks To The Docks. He Asked Thomas About Them.
  • Duck: What Happened To The First One?
  • Thomas: He Crashed Into The Sea.
  • Duck: What Happened To The Second One?
  • Thomas: He Crashed Into The Level Crossing.
  • Duck: What Happened To The Third One?
  • Thomas: He Was Loaded With Rock & He Fell Off A Cliff.
  • Duck: What Happened To The Fourth One?
  • Thomas: He Was Loaded With Slate & He Crashed Into A Barn.
  • Duck: And What Happened To The Fifth One?
  • Thomas: He Was Loaded With Tar & Crashed Into A Ditch.
  • Trucks: Oooooooooooh.
  • Narrator: Soon, Duck Looked At The Five Trucks.
  • Duck: Well, Well, Well! The Brothers Grim. Smashed, Damaged, Sunked, Dirty & Battered!
  • Narrator: The Trucks Didn't Return & The Engines Worked Even Harder To Make Sure They Never Will.

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