The Horsehead Empire rules a large chunk of the Jumpweb of the Known Universe. It is dominated by a race of humanoids known as the Horseheads, who are humanoids with two arms, two legs, extremely short white body hair, and horse-like heads. The capital of the Empire is the Horseheads' home planet of Horoko, where the Empire was founded 6000 to 6400 years ago (3400-3000 B.R.). The official religion of the Horsehead Empire is the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun. Relations with the United Republic of Earth, Golems, House Lionheart, and the Mantis Lords are usually strained even to the point of armed conflict. Such conflict is usually religious, due to the fact the Horseheads' own faith in the Solar Church, either viewing the foreign powers as demons and devils, or desiring to convert the aliens to worship of the Unconquered Sun. The Empire is ruled by the First Citizen, who is the monarch who rules the Horsehead Empire from Horoko. The supreme Horsehead is aided by a noble class of aristocrats who are mostly Horseheads. Pressure from the Greater Vehicle elements in the Solar Church have also promoted a larger number of aliens to the aristocratic ranks. Adherents of non-Solar Church faiths are continually pressured to join the "true" religion, especially non-Horseheads following alien religions by the Solar Church's Greater Vehicle sect. There is a relatively small minority of Horseheads who follow their race's pre-Solar Church, pagan, polytheistic deities known as the Old Gods. They too, are continually pressured to join the Solar Church. Pressure is usually peaceful, in the form of social and economic discrimination, but sometimes violence used against Horseheads and non-Horsehead subjects of the Empire who follow "false" teachings. Much of the economy in the Horsehead Empire is dominated by Cartels which are privately owned by aristocrats, owned by the Empire's government, owned by the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun, or any combination of the three. It must be noted that not all Horseheads live within the racial Empire (see Horseheads outside the Horsehead Empire). 75 percent of the aristocrat/noble class and 65 percent of the commoner class within the Horsehead Empire are Horseheads themselves, with large racial minorities of Vilaki, Rikiari, Kao Tun, Arvi, Keiki, and members of variant human races. The corporations of the Interplanetary Merchant League sometimes promote trade with Horsehead Empire space, though League businesspeople are often viewed with suspicion. There are computers and robotic tech within the Horsehead Empire, but such machines are traditionally non-intelligent, with few A.I.s. Priests and followers of the radical wing of the Solar Church's Orthodox sect are influential enough in discouraging artificial intelligence for machines.

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