Horseheads live mostly within the borders of the Horsehead Empire, but some members of the race have ended up living in the borders of the Mantis Lords, House Lionheart, Golem space, or the United Republic of Earth. Often, their children and descendants still live outside the borders of the Horsehead Empire, though even so they often retain their faith in the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun. The reasons for why some Horseheads wind up outside their racial empire are various. Some Horsehead populations ended up under Mantis Lord or Lionheart rule when the Mantis Lords stole planets and solar systems from the Horsehead Empire by military conquest (though of course some of these former worlds of the Horsehead Empire would later breakaway from the Mantis Lords and end up under Lionheart rule). Some Horseheads were political exiles who were banished from the Horsehead Empire for various crimes or willing exiles who were dissatisfied with the politics of the Empire. Some Horseheads were economic opportunists who wanted a better standard of living. Still others were missionaries of the Solar Church looking for converts to worship of the Unconquered Sun. Horseheads living under the Mantis Lords are prohibited from worshipping the Unconquered Sun, so they often are nominal converts to the United God Movement or fringe Christian and Islamic sects, while combining United God Movement/Christian/Muslim trappings with essential/core Solar Church doctrines. Horseheads in the United Republic of Earth sometimes participate in the Council of Non-Human Sentients to counter the activities of human-supremacist movements.

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