Located on the fourth floor of the Academy, the Hospital Wing is a place for injured students to come for healing. Roshiyu Rinomaru currently holds the record for most escape attempts from the Hospital Wing.

The technology of the Hospital Wing is a smattering of what some students and Keepers have brought into the Wing itself. Most of it is of less technologically advanced style, in favour of more alchemical and magical potions and salves. Several simple beds rest here for the injured to recover, while a desk with a nice chair allows one of the attendant healers to keep watch and make sure there are no successful escape attempts.

Calling Yugure's name seems to be able to summon the mentioned healer when someone need medical attention with a high degree of success. Nobody has asked why this phenominon works and Yugure isn't offering any information about it, and very likely woudn't if asked. More menial tasks are performed by summoned Spirits, with a couple of specific ones summoned for their spiritcraft abilities.

Several rooms offshoot the main area of the Hospital Wing, allowing for certain activites to be performed in privacy if desired.

One room contains many of the nonlethal ingredients and makings for severeal of the salves and potions that are stalked in the Hospital. Warded in case of an accidental explosion due to the reagants reacting violently (surprisingly easy if you aren't careful), this is the main area for crafting medicine. In times of low activity in the Hospital itself, Yugure has been known to use this room to train less experienced students in the black and white arts as this room also connects to the hallway where the main doors are.

Another room, tucked in the back of the Wing is typically barren save for two runic magic circles now carved into the floor. It is here that is supposedly the location for the resurrection of students that have landed in lethal trouble. Most find that after the paperwork to get reinstated to the living again, that dying again isn't a good idea. It has been used as an examination room and the childbearing room when the need has called for it.

Lead Healer

Assistant Healer

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