Simba (singing): My beautiful baby, with daddy you will stay. And if an animal tries to harm you, I simply say

(Simba roaring at the camera, and goes to normal after the song)

Simba (singing): because you are daddy's girl.

(younger version of Kiara giggles)

(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

Simba: Ever since she was born, I wanted to protect my little sweet lion. So I created a place where all wild animals and mammals could be safe, FROM THEM!!!

(Zooms into the left way to show 2 animals in the picture)

Medusa (Hercules): Animals hate us! They're vicious, and they're VERY LOUD!!!

Tagline: This fall

Kiara: Dad, everyone here is ancient.

Herman: N-27.

Librarian (Monsters University): N-27.

Kiara: I wanna go out and see the world.

(Kiara flies out of the window while transforming into a blue bird)

Simba: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Honey, you're too young!

Bia (Kiara's blue bird form): I'm 118 years old.

(Bia (Kiara's blue bird form)'s pouty bird face appears)

Simba: Don't give me the pouty bird face.

(Wild animals and mammals enjoy the night at Hotel Transylvania)

Simba: This is Hotel Transylvania, all of our wild animal and mammal friends are right here: Louis,

(Louis belly-flops his sandbur)

Simba: Bolt,

(The puppies come out of the train to Hotel Transylvania, with Bolt and Rita coming out of the train)

Bolt: Yeah, it's a mess back there.

(Bolt pays the tip to the train driver)

Simba: And your uncle Sulley, strubbing in two.

(Sulley does a belly-flop to the pool, but it's too far and lands on the water, just to see his body parts had taken off in the water)

Simba: Housekeeping!

Tagline: an uninvited guest,

(Kovu comes in with his suitcases and gear)

Kovu: Hello?

(Everyone gasps except for Simba)

Simba: An animal!

(Simba leaps on Kovu on the elevatored door)

Simba: How did you find this place?

Kovu: Well, I was just mountain climbing with some dudes,

(Kovu goes mountain climbing, but he falls to the ground, and staying in with Kenai and Nita as bears, followed by Kovu taking a selfie and arriving at Hotel Transylvania)

Kovu: and heard this story about an awesome castle. And speaking of awesome, that cape thing is KILLING IT!

(Simba facepalms)

Tagline: a wild animal problem.

Kovu: Look at these cool costumes.

(Dresses up as Kovu Sullivan, Sulley's long-lost nephew)

Kovu: Check it out. I'm a Sulley-ian monster.

(Kiara appears and Kovu looks amazed after seeing Kiara)

Kovu: Whoa! What's your name?

Kiara: My name is Kiara.

(Kovu and Kiara look into each other's eyes)

Sulley: Simba's daughter is in love with--

Cat R. Waul: AN ANIMAL!

(Ed laughs at the camera)

Tagline: From AnimatedFan195 Productions.

Simba: Go to the corner! You're in a time out!

Kovu: You're a grown man!

(Simba uses his magic powers to get Kovu to the corner by throwing him to the corner, sucking his thumb, turning around and down to the floor)

Kiara: Seriously, Dad?

Tagline: Pack your bags.

(The wild animals and mammals are packing their stuff)

Beast: You are coming with us.

Kovu: I'm staying!

(Cat R. Waul kicks Beast in the groin)

Beast: Ow! Why did that hurt me?

Tagline: Get away.

(Kovu rides on the tables)

Kovu: Out of the way, Grandpa!

Simba: Stay away from my daughter!

Kovu: Whoo-hoo!

Tagline: Rest in peace.

Kovu: I think your dad's really starting to like me.

(Kovu falls from the rooftop and into the sauna where he sees Simba)

Kovu: Hi.

Title: Hotel Transylvania (AnimateedFan195 Animal Style).

Narrator: Hotel Transylvania.

Simba: Now go and never return!

Kovu: Wait, never return to the hotel?

Simba: What? I just used my powers to erase your memory. I look straight into your eyes.

Kovu: Oh, maybe it's the contact lenses.

Simba: The what?

Kovu: Here, let me just try and get them out real quick.

Simba: Oh, that is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen!

Kovu: Almost got it.

Tagline: Coming Soon to your computer.

(A sign shows "no animals allowed" with the "no" word powered out, but Simba uses his power to make it lighter)

Tagline: Right after my Hocus Pocus spoof, I think.

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