frankie as johnathan

elizabeth as mavis

Sean as Quassimado

Gripps as Esmereleda

fluffy as mavis (in bat form)

mr. blik from (catscrath) as dracula

polo as dracula (in bat form)

wicket as wayne the wolf

rita from (animaniacs) as wanda

bear as murray the mummy

Bear's Girlfriend as Female Mummy

bullhead as frankenstein

leshawna from (total drama) as eunice

ugaloo as griffin

Stella and Bessy from (Over the Hedge and Barnyard) as the shrunken heads

B. O. B from (Monsters vs. Aliens) as Steve the green blob monster

The suit of armors as themselfs

Some of the Hydra, The Titans, Cyclops, and Cerberus from (Hercules) as The Hydra

Eiight-Armed Willy from (The Misadventure of Flapjack) as Giant Squidopus

Insectosaurus from (Monsters vs. Aliens) as The Giant Spider

Uncle Vince as Bigfoot

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