Hothead Goes to Jen Gu Island is a 2010 Japanese anime television series based on the 2009 movie, Surferheroes, which was part of Anime: Camp Generations, the series that the movie was spun-off. Most of the characters from the original movie reprise their roles as their cartoon characters. The series is on it's sixth season. The show will be picked up for a seventh season. It was the only spinoff from the Anime series that has not ended yet nor stopped production until 2013.

Another segment also plays to wraparound the show's plot. The segment is "Dancing Sushi", a series of silent shorts by animator, Larry Schwarz (creator of Kappa Mikey) that aired in Nicktoons around the world (except the US). In fact, the sushi's were so popular that they appeared in the opening sequence of the fourth-sixth season. Unfortunatley in the seventh season, the Dancing Sushi were removed even in the reruns because Cineplex bought the shorts for their show Cubix.

The eight season which premiered in August 2012 featured the same animation as Anime: Omniverse due to the directors being the writers and designers for Transformers: Animated, Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc!, SRMTHFG and Ben 10: Omniverse.

The show is now on it's tenth season with instrumental surf music as the theme song. It has been announced by Shia LaBeouf and John Heder in their Twitter accounts that the tenth season would be the show's last, due to production holts of Anime: Omniverse and due to ratings slipping.

The series finale aired on March 9, 2013 as a one-hour episode known as "Hurray for Heatwood" (known as "The Last Wave" in Japan and UK) where Hothead travels back to the planet Sun to finally defeat his worst enemy; the Knight Rider and getting married and having children. After this episode, reruns have ceased airing throughout the network.


After winning the World Wide Championship Surf Contest, Hothead must learn to survive the likes of Jen Gu Island in order to be top surfer but unfortunatley, several aliens and villains are out to get him.


  • Hothead: An alien that originated from the planet sun, at 18-years old, he is a massive alien that has fire-themed powers. Hothead loses his temper easily but gains back from time to time. His idol is Stonecold who became Geek. Hothead is known for his firey hair and goatee. In the eighth season, he is now 23-years old and has married Flare MaCaw and they have three children. He is voiced by Shia LaBeouf.
  • Stonecold Hataka/Geek: A washed-up surfer who was known as the top surfer in all of Jen Gu Island. After seeing the stroke of him losing due to Tray Blade's cheating moves, he makes a disappearance and preteneds to be Geek until Hothead explains that he was Stonecold. He later wasen't afraid and he enjoys playing the ukelele. His real name is Stonecold Hataka marrying Selistica Macaw. He is voiced by Jeff Bridges.
  • Flare MaCaw: A Phoenix alien who is the niece of Stonecold. Due to being an orphan, Stonecold is currently the only famjly she got since she's not with John MaCaw anymore. Hothead has a crush on her and she works as the lifeguard. In the eighth season, she marries Hothead and births three children. Flare is voiced by Zooey Deschannel.
  • Slice Slash (Uni-ska): From the planet Sharpio in Lake Michigan, he is a Scissorhandian who was born with a human like appearance. He is very mellow and since Hothead and Slice first met, they became best friends. Slice is called Uni-ska by Hothead during the third season. Also, during the third season, Slice left Jen Gu Island to care for his sick grandmother. Slice is voiced by Jon Heder. Heder himself have troubled keeping up with the recording sessions due to production of the brand new Napoleon Dynamite series. He returned on the fourth season premiere due to Napoleon Dynamite got cancelled on FOX that same year. Some episodes reveal that Slice can speak fluent Japanese which is a refernece to that of Heder can speak the language fluently. In the eighth season, Slice has the ability to turn into stone.
  • Michael "Mikey" Bronowski: Although the captions read Mike but is always refered to as Mikey, he is a Badgeraton who works as a talent scout in the island. Mikey can exaggerate and spaz out but keeps his temper cool especially after working for Jerry. His catchphrases are "I can't imagine a better day!" and "I lost a bet!". He is voiced by Mario Cantone. Before voicing him, Cantone would drink caffeine to be energized for a hyperactive voice for his character.
  • Tyronge "Tray" Blade/El Diablo: A surfer who is a tough bully of the island but gained the popularity until Stonecold and Hothead beat him at his own game. Tray learned surfing since he was a baby. He is in his mid 30s and still lives with his mother. He owns 9 different tropies all of them girls; Shaniqua, Helga, Jeannie, Brianna, Little Suzie, Miss Kitty, Thereasa, Jill and Amy. He is voiced by Diedrich Bader.
  • Arthur: The son of the filmmakers, Arthur is a Kanastotrope who has a major crush on Flare which is why he pretends to drown for Flare to kiss him (via CPR). He is voiced by Reed Buck (son of director, Chris Buck who voices himself in the show). He was killed off by the Knight Rider in the finale.
  • Kelly Slater: Voiced by himself. A Reptilliano (a reptile alien) who works as a newsman for the SPEN (Sattelite Powered Entertainment Network) news. He is completley bald and wears a baseball cap similar to his real life countepart.
  • Rob Machado: Voiced by himself. An Antphibian (half ant-half frog alien) who works as a newsman for the SPEN news. He has a straight big haircut and a large goatee similar to his real life countepart and seems to be dim-witted.
  • Salmon "Sal" Masekela: Voiced by himself. A Tunasushi who is the top host for the SPEN news. He makes random notorious outbursts and comments which offends Kelly and Rob. He is the only character not to resemble his real-life countepart. Sal was rotoscoped when voicing his role while the others were not.
  • Documentary Crew: Two camera filmmakers who interview the characters in the series similar to that of a mockumentary show. They are the only characters off screen. They appear on screen for the first and only time in the series finale with Ash displayed as a goblin and Chris displayed as a troll. They are voiced by Ash Brannon and Chris Buck and it seems that their names are like their actors.
  • Ching Sen: A potato farmer who is a background character.
  • Inferno: One of Hotheads and Flare's baby fire-chick children. Voice of Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Flameo: One of Hotheads and Flare's baby fire-chick children. Voice of Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Felicia: One of Hotheads and Flare's baby fire-chick children. The only daughter. Voice of Dee Bradley Baker.


CHUNK, known as Criminally Hysterically Under Network Krimes, is an evil organization in which plan to destroy the Jen Gu Island. Most of the villains are named after the main antagonists of Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp from CHUMP. CHUNK was later dismissed due to the members dying in the eighth season.

  • Baron Von Butcher: The tyranical leader of the evil-villains in all of Hawaiian history known as "CHUNK" which stands for Criminally Hysterically Under Network Krimes. Baron sports mysterious magical powers.
  • Creto: Baron's chaueffer who wields a shotgun. He speaks in a stereotypical French accent. He was a short lived character due to his quitting. His name is a pun on the word "cretin".
  • Dragon Women: A Chinese-American women who wants Hothead's fire for her fireless breathing dragon. Dragon Women speaks with a heavy Chinese accent and she has a crush on Wang Fu. Dragon Women's real name is Lao Ming-Shao. Voice of Brenda Song.
  • Dr. Strangemind: An Austrian-American scientist who serves as the brains of the group. He has the ability to make deadly criminals by magic. His name is a pun on Dr. Strangelove. Towards the fourth season finale, Dr. Strangemind gets assasinated by Hothead and he was replaced in the fifth season by Ali-Assa Seen. He is voiced by Darran Norris impersonating Peter Lorre.
  • Ali Assa Seen: An Arabic bounty hunter and king who got his country, Massaea under control. His weakness is pork which is a reference to the Muslim rules that Jewish and Arabs can't eat pork. Due to racial stereotyping of Arabs, his fear was changed to all meats because he's a vegetarian. His name is a pun of the word "assassin". He inherits the Saudi Arabia city, Shamshoon. He is voiced by Hank Azaria.
  • Mr. Jap/Wang Bao/Wang Fu: A Japanese-Amerian criminal who is the henchman and date of Dragon Women. In the original Japanese version, he is known as Mr. Jap and/or Wang Bao. Voice of Jackie Chan.
  • Duchess: The wife of Baron who inherits the royalty's money and sports minions to do her work. She was the first character to end due to June Foray's work for Looney Tunes. She was voiced by June Foray.
  • Aristotle Beastly: Not a member of CHUNK, but Aristotle is an animal scientist who plans to mutate all animals to create a planet of animal-life or steal him many jewels.
  • The Crazy Team: A gang of hoodlums who suffered from a severe dose of insanity thus causing them to form a team. Here are the members:
    • Mad Cow: Real name Bull Milkin, he is an English-American criminal who was in jail for murdering his boss over a 50 dollar debt. He is inspired by the oxen which gave him his powers to lift up heavy items and incredible speed. His name is based on mad cow disease.
    • Crazy Horse: Real name Nelson Mustang, he is an African-American hoodlum who was imprisoned for wielding a chainsaw in Greek class. He suffered from dyslexia and mad cow disease after eating a contanimated cheeseburger. He is inspired by the horse which gives him incredible speed. His voice is an impersonation of Michael Jordan. His name is based on the Native American leader, Crazy Horse.
    • Wild Turkey: Real name Samuel Penrick, he is a Jewish-Texan farmer who believed in his heritage. Wild Turkey was charged for a shooting and was sentenced to a lifetime prison where he practices his rules. He is inspired by the turkey which gives him agility and balance. He speaks with a Texan accent. His name is based on wild turkey.
    • Kung Pow Chicken: Real name Han-jun Kun, he is a Chinese-American psychopath and hitman who was the youngest member at the age of fourteen. He was the reason for the explosive of the chocolava volcano and was sentenced to a lifetime in a funny farm to control his craziness. His favorite food is ichiraku ramen. He is inspired by the rooster and the chicken, which gives him a powerful voice and incredible flight. His name is based on the Chinese cuisine, kung pow chicken.

Other villains

  • Jiaongshi Dragon: A dragon from the fictional fairytale "The Cat and the Dragon". Born in the Qin dynasty of China, he demanded that the whole village of Beijing would deliver him food. Soon as they delivered, the population of Beijing has grown a famine and they became hungry, even killing animals. Later, an artist bakes a traditional family lasagna with grown wheat and tells his pet tabby cat to deliver the lasagna to the dragon. When the cat goes to the dragon, he brings him an empty plate, due to eating and states that it's invisible food. The dragon says that he better bring food or he'll burn the village. The cat, trying to find a way out of it, challenges the dragon to an eating contest. The dragon agrees and the cat eats. After the cat states he was full, it was the dragon's turn but he realizes that the cat ate all of the food causing him to chase the cat. After the dragon's disappearance, the Chinese people have grown more food and ate it. The cat and the dragon have never been seen again. According to legend, the dragon would return again if another tabby cat eats more food. The dragon returns after Flare's cat Nya eats all of the Chinese food and realizing that he doesn't want to kill anyone now ("I've been waiting 1,000 years. I can wait a little longer") Voice of Mark Hamill.
  • Sai Naminaga: A mime artist who is the friends of Flare. As a mime, he does not have any spoken dialogue, excpet in his appearance where due to an irritating phone call, he picks it up shouting in Japanese, in which he goes to Mime Jail for breaking the Mime code. Voice of Keone Young.
  • Darkflame: The doppleganger of Hothead from the Anti-Chi universe. Whenever Hothead gets in contact with sapphire, except the Sapphire Dragon, he becomes an evil villain with blue fire hair, black clothes and sunglasses. Darkflame is one of the most powerfulest villains in the world, only to be stopped when in contact with the Yang-Shwan Mirror, sealing him to the world. Darkflame later appeared in the episode "Romancing the Clone" where he was originally an opposite clone of Hothead but after touching the mystical sapphire, gave the Hothead clone body the soul of Darkflame but was eventually sucked back into Hothead's body for savence. Voice of Shia LaBeaouf impersonating Henry Winkler as The Fonz.
  • Onigiri Meso: An evil mute boggart piper who's race was cursed to not speak after a big war occured. Whenever he plays the pipe, if interrupted, will transform into an onigiri and whoever touches it will become one too. He used his pipe to simulate tunes to cause all of the children to follow him. Once Hothead have found the cure for the curse by defeating a villain named Zen Shai, gave Onigiri the ability to speak. In the English dub, he is called "Bob'l". Voice of Jon Heder.
  • Color Pirates: Three pirate brothers who are off to find the treasure to the Spanish Mane. Red Ron is a red pirate and Blue Bob is a blue pirate. Purple Paul is a purple pirate who quit the color scheme business and becomes "Barnacle Paul" but later changes back. Ron and Bob only say "Yarrrr" being translated by their parrots while Paul speaks human language due to going solo in which his parrot, Chuck, is mute by only sqwacking. Purple Paul has monkey minions.
  • Chang "F.E." Suchenh: A Chinese eating champion who is very tough and is Flare's ex-boyfriend. He is nicknamed "FE" or "The Iron Stomache" (FE is the abbriviation for the element iron in the periodic table) as he is able to withstand any type of spicy food or fruit without dying, making his stomache hard. He is the inventor of the flaming drink "Missisippi Queen" that gives people hangovers which consists of soy sauce, chocolate sauce, kimchi, sushi, clams, mayonnaise and hot sauce, all blended. He seems to be a parody of Takeru Kobayashi. Voice of Roger Craig Smith.
  • The Knight Rider: The leader of the Shadow Plane located in the Planet Sun. He was created from the formation of a black hole. He is one of the powerfulest enemies that Hothead had to face due to his immense powers. He nearly killed off every single one and took away their abilities but was stopped by Hothead by throwing his powers back against him. He was the one who killed off Tray's father, Slice's father, Stonecold's sister (Flare's mother) and Hothead's grandfather; making him a legendary murderer. His appearance is based of a knight in dark-embeded armor with Japanese attachments as a homage to Kamen Rider; hench the name. He only appeared in the one-hour series finale. Voice of Ron Pearlman.


  • Shia LaBeaouf - Hothead, Darkflame
  • Zooey Deschannel - Flare MaCaw
  • Jon Heder - Slice Slash, Onigiri Meso
  • Diedrich Bader - Tray Blade
  • Mario Cantone - Mikey Bronowski
  • James Woods - Baron Von Butcher, Jerry Maxwell
  • Kelly Slater - Himself
  • Rob Machado - Himself
  • Sal Masekela - Himself

New Members

  • Darran Norris - Dr. Strangemind, Creto
  • Brenda Song - The Dragon Women
  • Hank Azaria - Ali Assa Seen
  • Maurice LaMarche - Dr. Strangemind (first season)
  • Jackie Chan - The Wicked Wang Fu (first season)
  • June Foray - Duchess
  • Scott McCord - Mad Cow
  • Weird Al Yankovic - Crazy Horse
  • Hank Williams III - Wild Turkey
  • Sean Fujiyoshi - Kung Pow Chicken
  • James Sie - The Wicked Wang Fu (second season)


A crossover with anime "Tuxedo Pirate" aired in October 2011 titled "Tuxedo and Hothead's Adventure". Japanese OVA's were made featuring crossovers of "Cartoon Factory", "China Smith", "Tokyo Terror" and "Stick Around".


  • Everyone Has a Chance To Sing - won an Emmy
  • Can't Touch Me - by Seth MacFarlene (as the song is sung by Shia LaBeouf, the song's lyrics were changed to make it more kids appopriate such as Lethal Weapons 2 becoming Xiaolin Warriors 2 (later removed), the line "and touch your sisters teat" was replaced with "i can eat what i want to eat" showing Hothead eating rice balls, the line "if your handicapped" becomes "where you sleep at night" on behalf of the disabled and the line "pee it out" becomes "spit it out") Note: This song is Shia's favorite in the series
  • I Found My Home - written by Ben Hurst, sung by Jon Heder Note: This song is Jon's favorite in the series.
  • Laundry Blues
  • Yankee Doodle
  • I Get Around
  • I Need a Hero
  • Missisippi Queen


According to the Twitter accounts of Shia LaBeouf and Jon Heder, that the show is ending during it's tenth season. The reason for that is because the animation production of the spin-off series is halting the production of Anime Omniverse which is obstructing fans. Another reason is that the show is starting to jump-the-shark because the ratings were plummeting. So, Cartoon Network decided to air the finale on March 9, 2013.

The finale was a one-hour episode known as "Hurray for Heatwood". The alternative title on the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada is known as "The Last Wave" or "The Ultimate Enemy". This finale features Hothead traveling back to his home planet facing off the evil villain known as The Knight Rider who is nearly killing everyone. After finally defeating The Knight Rider, he announces that he is deciding to stay home in the planet Sun because his people need to be protected by him. Upon hearing that, Flare shoutly says "Marry me" thus causing the two to get married. Just like that, a day later, Flare becomes pregnant and births three fire bird children. As they fly away into their new spaceship, all aliens around the world thank Hothead for his courageous works. Flashbacks from previous experiences and episodes appeared showing hilarous moments and humor. An alien even shows him a live message from his friends at Sunspring Spa in Jen Gu Island. The message consists of Tray Blade, Slice Slash, Arthur (in zombie mode), Salmon Masekela, Mikey, Stonecold and the Documentary Crew workers (shown on-screen for the first time) congratulating Hothead for his work. Mikey shouts loudly "Way to do, H. YOU DID IT!". With that, Hothead proudly stands up saying "You know what, YEAH! I DID IT!" with the episode ends as a book titled "Hothead Goes to Jen Gu Island" closes.

The show featured a song known as "Hey Hollywood" which was available for download in iTunes. Many fans were upset about the show's ending but realize that some shows need to go. After this episode, Cartoon Network has ended reruns completley replacing it with Anime: Omniverse.


Season 1

  • Lupo T. Butcher - Series premiere. Hothead faces the evil organization CHUNK for the first time.
  • Baby On Back - Hothead challenges an evil chaueffer, Creido, to a race for an emerald.
  • 30 Hours Over Tokyo - Hothead and Slice Slash (serving as a translator) go to Tokyo where they meet Wang Fu.
  • The Legend of the Golden Sword: A golden sword is up for grabs for the evil Ali Assa Seen.
  • Way of the Noodle - Dr. Strangemind invents a ramen noodle that can walk and talk but can annoy customers. Especially since Hothead and Slice Slash are dining at noodle restaurants.
  • Hong Kong Sneeze - Dragon Women and Wang Fu led out an epidemic of a sneeze outbreak during a gymnastic tournament with Hothead, Tray, Mikey and Slice for gourmet lunches.
  • No Mour Music - Ali Assa Seen invents a gramaphone that mutes out any sound so only his singing voice can be heard.
  • April Showers - Hothead catches a cold, making him unable to surf, just in time for Duchess' golden swap meet attack.
  • Kapta Moni (Part 1) - Hothead goes on a quest to find a legendary sapphire jewel but is being stopped by CHUNK. But unfortunatley, after the diamond went to the fire, Hothead touched the sapphire fire turning him into Darkflame.
  • Kapta Moni (Part 2) - Darkflame attacks Jen Gu Island for it's resources. At the end of the episode, Darkflame gets sealed into Hothead's agression plane in his emotions.

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