P Opens politics screen. It will show current office holders and openings.

Camera ControlesCamera controls

W, cursor up Move camera forwards

A, cursor left Move camera left

S, cursor right Move camera right

D, cursor down Move camera backwards

N, Orient camera north

F, Tracking camera (only when a character is selected)

Ctrl + F1 – F12, Save camera position

F1 – F12, Go to camera position -


F1, Marketplace

F2, Town hall

F3, Residence

Right mouse button + move mouse, Move camera

Left and right mouse buttons + move mouse, Freely move, rotate, and zoom camera

Hold down mouse wheel + move mouse, Change camera angle

Scroll mouse wheel, Zoom camera

Shift key + both mouse buttons, Freely rotate camera with the mouse

Additional function keys

Esc, Open options menu

Spacebar, Pause (*)

+ / -, Adjust game speed (*) very slow – slow – normal – fast – very fast End Fast forward (*)

Q, Quick save (game is saved as quick save)

L, Quick load (last quick save will be loaded)

M, Open/close map

C, Open/close dynasty menu

V, Open/close statistics

B, Open/close diary

P, Open/close political overview

G, Open/close building menu

H, Show/hide user interface

Print, Screenshot (saved in the folder Shots)

Enter, Open chat window, send chat message (**)

Ctrl + 1 – 0, Save character selection

1 – 0, Select character


1, first own dynasty character

When placing buildings: Ctrl + move mouse, Freely rotate building

Mouse controls

Left mouse button Select, carry out action

Right mouse button Deselect, get information

(*) only for single-player games

(**) only for multi-player games

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