• Gregory Alan "Grover" Beindorf as Kirby
  • Janet Beindorf as Sirica
  • Ned Beindorf as Knuckle Joe
  • Stacy Beindorf as Tiff
  • Matthew "Matt" Finley as Sir Ebrum
  • Victor "Vic" Finley as Tokorri
  • Louise Finley as Honey
  • Jimmy Finley as Meta Knight
  • Teddy Finley as Bandana Dee
  • Theodore Joseph "T.J." Krupp as King Dedede
  • Donald Krupp as Galacta Knight
  • Gwenna Kruff as Chuchu
  • Brooke Figler as Princess Rona
  • Cindy Figler as Lady Like
  • Chief Rocco as Keeby
  • Ralph Doyle as Escargoon

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