House Lionheart is a group of mostly human nobles who rule an area of the Jumpweb of the Known Universe. It commands about 30 solar systems that broke away from the interstellar empire of the Mantis Lords over two centuries ago. It is composed of mostly humans with some members of alien races. Lionheart status as a noble is normally hereditary, but occasionally a commoner or ordinary citizen will be granted noble status and membership in House Lionheart. 90 percent of the members of House Lionheart and 50 percent of its commoner subjects are humans (both "normal" humans and members of variant human races, since the Lionhearts regard them all as true humans). There are also large numbers of aliens (including Horseheads outside the Horsehead Empire, Vilaki, Arvi, Rikiari, Keiki, and Kao Tun) who are considered the equals of humans. A.I. robots and computers also exist in House Lionheart space, but they are considered inferior beings. House Lionheart is ruled jointly by a Prince and a Princess aided by a House of Aristocrats and a House of Commons, who collectively govern from the planet Delphius. Local governors of planets and solar systems in Lionheart space are aristocrats jointly appointed by the Prince and Princess. Diplomatic relations with the United Republic of Earth are excellent, but relations with the Mantis Lords and the Horsehead Empire are strained, even to the point of war. Relations with the Golems are somewhat cold due to Lionheart aristocrats' prejudice regarding A.I. beings. Ranks within House Lionheart from highest to lowest include: Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess (granted to the heirs to the thrones of the Prince and Princess), Count and Countess (granted to aristocrats who are military commanders, head civilian agencies, or are elected to the House of Aristocrats), Baron and Baroness (granted to Lionhearts who serve as local governors), and Knight and Dame (granted to most Lionheart nobles). House Lionheart grants religious freedom to its subjects, although the United God Movement is the government-sponsored faith. Economic policy is similar to that of the Mantis Lords, with a large portion of the economy controlled byCartels which are owned by the Lionheart-controlled government, privately by individual Lionheart nobles, or a combination of both. On the other hand, the Lionhearts have allowed more private foreign investement, especially by the United Republic of Earth-corporations of the Interplanetary Merchant League. The Lionhearts are divided into two rival political parties: the Red and Blue Parties.

Note: House Lionheart was inspired by House Hawkwood, a noble faction in the Fading Suns RPG [1]

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