This page has rules calls made by the storyteller;


Alright, this is probably the most difficult topic to decide on but here goes. I'm faced with two options regarding bloodlines, either nuke them or let them go. I'm gonna just let them go with the following rules

The live action book says that you may join your sire's bloodline at blood potency 2 by permanently spending a willpower.

  • The live action book says you may join a bloodline of you clan at blood potency 4 by inbibing a point of that bloodlines blood and permanently spending a willpower.
  • The live action book says that you can create your own bloodline at blood potency 6. This requires the permanent willpower and of course, ST approval.
  • Each player is only allowed to play one bloodline character in my chronicle, thus keeping them "Rare". So make it count.
  • If you do not have a PC sire that is a bloodline, you are going to need a damned good background written and probably buy me a meal when we talk about it.

There you have it, no longer a merit point and more open. My decision on discipline sharing had some impact on my decision here.

Also a note on bloodlines, of your initial 3 discipline pts, at least 2 of them must be parent clan disciplines. Only the third may be spent on your new bloodline discipline.

Discipline Teaching

The rules for discipline teaching are as thus:

  • Bloodlines can only teach the parent clan disciplines.
  • You can only teach up to your current level minus one of any discipline. I.E. - If you have protean 5, you can teach up to protean 4.
  • Teaching a non-clan specific discipline is fairly easy and just takes time and the out of clan cost.
  • Teaching a clan specific discipline requires the student to take a point of the teacher's blood (creating the first step of blood bond) and must not circumvent that tie with Cruac or Blood coils. If at any time that bond is broken in those manners, the powers fade and yes, you do not get the xp back. Being completely bound to one person does not make those partial bonds fade. This learning also costs the out of clan xp cost.
  • The mentor merit is not allowed for learning out of clan disciplines.
  • You do not need a teacher for your own clan's disciplines.
  • Only the elders of the Circle and Sanctified can teach Cruac and Theban. They can teach level five of that power because it is a covenant power based on belief, not a clan power based on blood. Coils for the Ordo are similar, but regardless, all covenant powers must be approved by the elders of the covenants before you can learn them.

You cannot start with out of clan disciplines unless you are coming into the game with a pre-arranged teacher for that discipline, or unless it is a covenant specific discipline, which your covenant leader has approved.


Willpower is given once per chapter in a story, we are going to call this a month. For each week of downtime, you will regain one willpower.

How does this affect you? You will be handed out willpower in max at the first game of the month. At the end of game you will need to;

  • a) turn you character sheet in to an ST so they can record how much you have left and turn them in
  • b)Fold your character sheet into a nice little pocket and put your willpower in it so I can record how much you have left.

If you do not give any willpower back or it is not marked, you will start the second game of the month with 2. unless of corse you weren't at the first game.

Disciplines and Devotions

  • Shout is hereby changed: Shout is now a Dominate 2, Vigor 1 devotion that allows the use of Command and Mesmerism without eye contact. The name of the target must be spoken. Vigor must be activated for the scene for Shout to work, Shout does not need a blood spent for each time you use it.
  • Disciplines: Aura Perception: Is no longer usable for detecting lies on Kindred, as described in the book. Also, Aura perception can only be used on one target once per scene. Breaking concentration or line of sight to an indivdual ends aura perception as does using any other power or advanced conversations with other individuals.
  • Dominate: Mesmerism: Every round a mesmerized person is in danger and cannot do something, they get a resolve draw to break the mesmerism.
  • Mesmerism : You cannot use mesmerism in combat. Someone can be mesmerized and combat can break out involving them, but it will allow another resolve roll to break it if the actions are threatening or suicidal. Example: Player A is mesmerized to kill the first Gangrel they see. Wandering around, they happen to see Gangrel B in an alley, Player A goes after him all gung ho, gets into the alley, strikes Gangrel Band then notices four other gangrel in the same alley. The player gets another resolve roll because this is obviously a life threatening/suicidal situation.
  • Majesty: Sovereignty: There is only one draw to break through Sovereignty. Win it or lose it, you have to beat the successes of the user. Note: If the sovern person takes violent actions against someone or is a danger to an incapacitated body, close allies may come to the defense of the victim. They may not violently attack the sovern character, but may use other powers to aid the victim.
  • Merits: Striking looks will no longer aid any type of supernatural power. If you bought it just for the benefit to your pool, you may spend those points on something else.


  • Languages take 7 weeks - Intelligence - misc modifiers(edictic memory, mentor etc.)
  • Ghoul rules: If you have a retainer that is a ghoul. you must spend one blood and one willpower per month to maintain them. It does say that you can train a human ghoul to spend their own willpower, but they do have the ability to become someone else's ghoul far easier. You must spend the blood for your ghouls at game, pick a game and tell Kaiser what you are doing.
  • Downtime actions that involve death: If someone has the ability to get you during the day and you do not have some form of secure haven, you are toast. No ifs, ands or buts. Anyone can buy haven security and it's pretty cheap to start. Doing so may break the masquerade, that is the order giver's problem.

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