The House of Commons is composed of 250 representatives elected by the ordinary subjects under the rule of House Lionheart. Voting rights for selecting members of the Commons is granted both to humans and to aliens (but not to A.I. machines). The House of Commons has considerable power in the governing of Lionheart space, but any bill passed by the Commons must also be approved by the House of Aristocrats and can still be subjected to the joint veto of House Lionheart's ruling Prince and Princess. The philosophy behind allowing ordinary citizens a voice in government-both human and alien-was a reaction by House Lionhert's founders to the anti-democracy and human-supremacist attitudes of the Mantis Lords, from whom the first Lionheart aristocrats orginated. The reason for granting the ruling noble elites (the House of Aristocrats and the joint veto of the ruling Prince and Princess) a veto over bills passed by the Commons is the belief by the Lionheart nobility to avoid the excesses of democracy they believe exists in the United Republic of Earth. Ordinary citizens can run for elected seats and serve in the House of Commons, but most sucessful candidates are members of House Lionheart representing the Red and Blue Parties. The Radical Party often nominates candidates for the Commons.

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