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Training Time

Here is the standard* time it takes to learn a skill, arcana, discipline.
1st dot = 1 month
2nd dot = 2 months
3rd dot** = 1 year
4th dot = 4 years
5th dot = 5 years (double xp)
  • An appropriate Intelligence roll can be made to reduce the time. You get one chance. Luck of the draw.
    • A mages ruling Arcana take only three months to learn
I.E. I want to raise Siren's crafts from 0 to 1. I would roll her Int + her crafts - 3 for being unskilled. With a chance die she gets a success. She learns it in one week.

Reduced Training time

________________Success_____________Exceptional Success
1st dot _______2 Weeks _____________1 week
2nd dot________1 Month ____________2 weeks
3rd dot _______3 months_____________2 months
4th dot________2 years ____________1 year
5th dot________3 years _____________2 years

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