Signing Up and Receiving Your Roster

Signing Up

Quite simple really. The creator (in this case, TheGame_HHH) lists how many people are needed to play the game (in this case, four). When that number is filled up, the dishing out of the roster begins.

Receiving Your Roster

The first 15 for each player were randomly selected from a vast pool of wrestlers, close to 100 wrestlers in total. Then, each user picks a wrestler, one at a time until they have 30 wrestlers in all. You can also receive additional wrestlers from special events, such as the wrestler wishing to sign with you. With your original 15, you can choose from 3 lifelines.

  1. Pick 3 wrestlers from your roster and have them randomly changed with another 3.
  2. Have a wrestler from your roster removed, and pick a new wrestler.
  3. Re-draft your entire roster.

Additional Ways to Change Up The Roster

There is a "talent pool", where at anytime before you post your weeks show, you can trade a wrestler from your roster and pick them up. A scenario was posed when an extremely popular wrestler was added to the talent pool, where you had to put 2 wrestlers into it to get the one wrestler out. Your wrestlers stay in the talent pool until a big change up (minor change-ups to the Talent Pool occur every week, but serious re-shuffling do occur).

Trading is an intergral part of the roster. It changes up the roster, while keeping the self-styled "Owners" happy.

Booking Your Show

You basically have to set up your show with matches, angles, interviews, fueds, announcements and anything else you think will help you garnar ratings. Ratings are given based on the real life match-ups, whether the match has meaning or if its just a filler, how well the match is written up and numerous other factors.


You write the shows, then get rated. At the end of a 12-month ingame period, the person with the highest ratings (ie. highest amount of fans) will win a 5-year Contract.

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