How Much Is That Link In The Window?

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How Much Is That Link In The Window? is a Super Smash Bros episode.


  • Link feels unappreciated and runs away from Mario, Kirby and Captain Falcon. Soon, he ends up in a store where Lara's enemies, Thug Pooh, Thug Tigger and Thug Piglet (all from How Much Is That Rabbit In The Window?) have a plan. Will Mario, Kirby, Fox and Captain Falcon save Link from the thug dolls?


  • Mario
  • Link
  • Kirby
  • Fox
  • Captain Falcon
  • Thug Pooh
  • Thug Tigger
  • Thug Piglet



Part 1

  • (We see Link at Hyrule Temple)
  • Link: I'm appreciated. A swordsman can always happen.
  • Kirby: Hi, Link.
  • Link: Kirby! You surprised me!
  • Kirby: I see that i'm listening to The Arena.
  • Link: Kirby, how many times i tell you you're a chicken!
  • Kirby: (dances to The Arena)
  • Link: Aww rats!
  • (We cut to Link at Delfino Plaza)
  • Captain Falcon: What's the matter, Link?
  • Link: I'm feeling unappreciated.
  • Captain Falcon: Aww, never mind. You know the rules.
  • (Link runs away)
  • Captain Falcon: Wait, Link! Rats, he's gone?
  • (We cut to Captain Falcon at Onett City)
  • Captain Falcon: Fox, i'm telling you, Link ran away.
  • Fox: What!?
  • Captain Falcon: He moved to a town close by.
  • Fox: We better tell Kirby at Yoshi's Island.
  • (We cut to Kirby still listening to The Arena)
  • Fox: Kirby! Link has ran away.
  • Kirby: (still listens to The Arena)
  • Fox: We better tell Mario at Peach's Castle.
  • (We cut to Mario with Fox and Captain Falcon)
  • Mario: What's the problem, paisanos?
  • Fox: Link ran away from home.
  • Mario: Mamma mia! Poor Link ran away.
  • Captain Falcon: We're going to miss him.
  • (

Part 2

Part 3

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