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How is successful Offshore outsourcing carried out? Top-tier vendors in India and elsewhere handle businesses that they successfully accommodate, offering high-quality service levels to overseas clients at rock-bottom fees, a pool of expert English-speaking resources and best IT professionals in the world, and more!

There are several tips for Offshore Outsourcing Vendors to locate sellers for their products and services : -

It is a good idea to have a separate department or a few employees dedicated to identifying and vetting potential clients.

“Informal networking is going to be one of the biggest drivers of offshoring in the small-business community”, says Gartner analyst Frances Karamouzis Trade associations can prove to be a great source of information.

Brokerage Web sites have emerged to link sellers of offshore services with prospective buyers

Next, once an outsourcing project has been acquired, a smooth two-way business transaction needs to be ensured, which will bring profits to both partied involved.

The Offshore Outsourcing vendor must regularly consult the outsourcer regarding issues related to the project.

A representative or on site co-coordinator may be appointed to handle, resolve and maintain client-relationships.

Procedures must be invented to help the Offshore Outsourcing service provider and the outsourcer to define the increase in payment without long and weary negotiations.

A correspondence clause must be included in the contract, making for the outsourcer to visit the Offshore Outsourcing vendors place every now and then, to monitor the progress of work.

Exclusions must be included to accommodate changes beyond the control of either party (act of God)

What will further make for successful offshore outsourcing are advanced certification, large (virtually unlimited) talent pool, English-speaking workforce and a politically stable country. Rest, the working of a vendor is a major factor that determines the success or failure of an outsourcing venture. Ensure success by:-

Meeting the delivery schedules 95% on time during the contract term. Making expectations explicit. Holding weekly conference call between the Client Project Managers and the vendor offshore team to review the progress and clarify doubts, if any. Being consistent, unambiguous and accountable for delivering service.

Among Elite providers of Offshore outsourcing is A-1 technology, Inc., a reputable global sourcing company based in New York, with offices across the world. The key to successful offshore outsourcing by A-1 Technology is that all contracts are honored by high-quality IT professionals, in a high-caliber infrastructure, at a low cost. provides services in the areas of Offshore Outsourcing, Process Enhancement and Systems Integration.

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