If you want to create a site compaired to Php you'll need Wordpad, Paint and a blank page.

Things you'll need:

Visual Basics account.





This is how you get prepared.

Getting Started

1: Find popular softwares online rather than Website Builder and Go

2: Go to a website called  Createdomains.

Creating your site

1: When the domain is created create a page  in Wordpad, browse through a list of softwares like Notepad and Wordpad wich ever software you choose is fine.

2: Once you've added a description click save.

3: Drag the file to the desktop or in your folder.

4: Install Software Web Wizard and drag the website to your folder open the website by clicking the arrow and insert the video, click list.

5: Drag more videos.

By: Roc.


1: Customize the template.

2: Go to colors tool and select any color you want.


3: Upload videos drag your files to the software.

4: Enjoy you're website.

Added: June 3rd, 2013.

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