How to Join

Joining the New Elfhome RPG involves a few simple steps.

  1. Copying an application form
  2. Filling in the personal info
  3. Creating a character
  4. Writing a sample post
  5. Emailing the lot to the Council.

Application Form

Personal Information

Please copy this into a text document and complete.

Real Name:

Real Age: (Over 15s only please)

Email address: (used for inviting you to the emailing list)

Previous role playing experience:

Character Creation

Please be as creative as possible with your character, as we will not accept any characters obviously based on Elvish characters from popular culture. Character names should also be of your own creation. No Legolases, Elronds, Drizzts, etc will be accepted.

Character Name:

Character Age: How many years has your character lived a human life before crossing the Mists?

Physical Description: What does your character look like? The physical appearance of the Elves is widely varied, and the only generally held traits are they they are slim or lean, and generally attractive. They tend to have light coloured hair and eyes, high voices and graceful movements, but these are trends only, not absolutes.

Personality: What is your character like on the inside? What made them decide to take such a risk, knowing there was no return? What do they hope and dream for? What are they afraid of?

Background: What sort of life did your character have before they came to the Otherworld?


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