Posting video posting softwares are as easy as they seem all you need, is notepad pictures and google.

By: Roc.

Things you'll need:

Notepad or Wordpad.




1: Open up Wordpad and type in the name of your software.

2: Add photos and select  the colors, the software will send you any colors as you want.

3: Add the photos on Wordpad up top click picture, the picture you've made will apper. 

4: Upload your software to the hosting sever.

By: Roc.


1: Consider using Wordpad to simplify the proess of creating a basic software.

2: Another way is to think of what color you want the software to look when drawing a picture on paper first.

By: Roc.


You can't copy embend PHP or else it will be removed from the internet and the site would be left completly blank.

2: Make sure you know what you're doing, drag the coloring box carefully. If not the box ends moving to a new space.

By: Roc.

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