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・What to sell? → Miscellaneous goods

  for example, incense, glasses, cup, dishes, bag, accessories, and so on

・necessary how to set up a new shop

  search for place of shop where to set up
  Collecting miscellaneous goods
  An exhibition of miscellaneous goods
  Advertising of a shop

・necessary money

  shop obtaining costs
  a costs of equipment
  advertising costs
  the article stocking
  sundry expenses

・necessary documents

  Open business closings of a personal business notice(to a taxation office, by one month)
  A commencement of practice report(A prefectual tax office)
  An approval application of a blue or white return
  Withhholding taxes
  Dealer in secondhanded articles permission(If owner sell secondhanded article)

・importance to set up and run a shop

  Do not get tired of business
  Do not forget to happy
  Do not give up if goods don't be sold
  Have a personality of shop
  Do management of money properly


・decide shop name

・submit documents to the taxation office.   references(    (

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