We will get instructions to delete things from time to time. Currently, buildings can only be deleted through IT. However, we can delete units my using the mass update spreadsheets and uploading them through the GIU.


If you are deleting all units from iBase, just delete the iBase, not the units


NOTE: You should have gotten User provisioning and activated SAP_CRM_BUSINESS_USERS_MDU when you were getting access to systems. This is what will allow you to upload the spreadsheet through the back end (GUI). If there are problems with this, speak to the manager/IT/Support.


1. Fill out the template for CRM if you are deleting units only, not the entire iBase. Otherwise, skip this step. The template is located at [file://\\vwinph01\projects\38_-_MDU\Ops\03_-_Mass_Update\CRM_MassUpdt_Change_IBase_Template.xls \\vwinph01\projects\38 - MDU\Ops\03 - Mass Update\CRM_MassUpdt_Change_IBase_Template.xls]


The excel sheet will basically look something like this.  The record type/labeling instructions are located at the top of the document. It might be best to keep some old templates around so all you need to do is update the info.


File:How to delete duilding or and units 01.png


First, you need to select the record type. Since you are making updates to a building, you select Property from the drop down, and then enter the IBASE ID (which should be provided to you in the spreadsheet). Since its a property, the component ID will be N/A. The next column is update type. You will select C for Change from the drop down menu.


File:How to delete duilding or and units 02.png


Next, you will enter the address of the building. You will need to put in some sort of Building Label Unit address for the Building to use the spreadsheet. Just make sure that the building label you use matches what is in CRM.  Then add the capacity of the building.


File:How to delete duilding or and units 03.png


Now you will be adding the units you need to delete. Each unit that needs to be deleted has its own Component ID (this is what identifies each unit in the building). You will have to look up each component ID using CRM or the GUI. Depending on how many you will be deleting, sometimes you may have to manipulate the copy/pasted information into excel.  If there are many items, it makes sense to use excel since it will be the easiest to keep information organized.


As you enter each unit, you will have to select the record type U for units. Since you are deleting from the same building, your IBASE ID will be the same. Then you type in the component ID, and the update Type of D for Delete. If you have a long list, you can copy and paste the list from excel into the component ID column (the rest of the corresponding info can be copied as well).


File:How to delete duilding or and units 04.png


Since you are deleting units, you don<nowiki>’</nowiki>t need to fill out information for the rest of the columns in the sheet. Information for these columns is more important for additions.


File:How to delete duilding or and units 05.png


Once you complete the spreadsheet, it is important to end the file record. After the very last entry, select X. This tells the system the file is done.


2.  If you are only deleting units, follow the general Mass Update instructions for CRM, otherwise skip this step.


After the mass update has completed, make sure everything looks right in the CRM regarding those units, and they were properly deleted.


3.   Fill out a template for Delete Requests from the template located at [file://\\vwinph01\projects\38_-_MDU\Ops\04_-_List_Of_Services\Template_for_Delete_Requests_v1.1.xls \\vwinph01\projects\38 - MDU\Ops\04 - List Of Services\Template for Delete Requests v1.1.xls]



Make sure you are using the right tab of the template (either for the building or for the units)


Save the file as pid<nowiki>+</nowiki>dws.xls in a DWS tickets folder on your computer


4. Create a new email in Outlook to open a ticket to DWS.


  • In the BODY copy and paste


  • The line from the template about the queue1040 (it will assign it to DWS team)
  • This part from the template


<font color="#FFFFFF">CORP</font> <font color="#FFFFFF">PID</font> <font color="#FFFFFF">UNITS</font> <font color="#FFFFFF">CHAIN KEY</font> <font color="#FFFFFF">STORE KEY</font> <font color="#FFFFFF">IBASE # or BUILDING ID</font>


<font color="#FF0000">50689</font> <font color="#FF0000">1746068</font> <font color="#FF0000">All</font> <font color="#FF0000">4050</font> <font color="#FF0000">71</font> <font color="#FF0000">3986318</font>



  • The property name


  • In the SUBJECT of the email use the sample subject line provided in the template instructions (first page of the template file) <nowiki>+</nowiki> Property name



5.  If you are deleting an iBase, you will need to open a second ticket with IT (Edgar)


If you are just deleting units, we can do that via mass update in the GUI without IT<nowiki>’</nowiki>s involvement, so you will be skipping this step in that case.


  • In the BODY copy and paste


  • The line from the template about the queue1099 (it will assign it to Edgar in IT)
  • iBase #
  • The property name


  • In the SUBJECT of the email use the sample subject line provided in the template instructions (first page of the template file) <nowiki>+</nowiki> Property name



They will send you ticket numbers shortly; you will need the ticket numbers to create a task in SFA.




Go to SFA, find the SR, create a new task.


Copy the subject line from the email you received with the ticket numbers and paste it into the SUBJECT line of a new task.


TYPE: to do


STATUS: waiting for somebody else


DESCRIPTION: delete units from PID


Close the SR in SFA, and respond to the source that the request had been completed.


This way you will only leave the task open, not the SR


8. Make sure the deletions took place once the tickets get closed. For DWS side, log into DWS, find the property and make sure the building is no longer in  a pull down list for the dealer to view. For CRM side, make a search by PID and make sure the iBase is no longer ther.


9. COMPLETE THE TASK in SFA when IT closes the ticket


Once the tickets are closed (takes IT about a week, they do deletes on Thursdays), attach the closed tickets into the task in SFA for documentation purposes.


Mark TASK as completed at that point.



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