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Howard Norman

Howard Norman is an American translator, novelist, essayist and author of children's literature.

He was born in Toledo, Ohio, in 1949 and grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan,[1] but as a young man he moved to Toronto and lived in Canada for many years, spending much time among native peoples in the Canadian wilderness. As a result of his long residence in Canada, much of his fiction is set there. Norman attended Western Michigan University and Indiana University. He has published numerous translations and retellings of the stories of native peoples of Canada as illustrated books for children. The Wishing Bone Cycle (1976) won the Harold Morton Landon Translation Prize from the Academy of American Poets.[2] His books Northern Lights and The Bird Artist were both nominated for National Book Awards[3] in Fiction. He has received a Lannan Award for fiction, a Guggenheim, the Whiting Award, as well as several NEA fellowships. Norman is married to poet Jane Shore, with whom he has one daughter. He teaches creative writing at the University of Maryland.[4]



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Essays, Compilations & Memoirs

My Famous Evening: Nova Scotia Sojourns, Diaries & Preoccupations. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic, 2004.

Northern Tales: Traditional Stories of Eskimo and Indian Peoples. New York: Pantheon Books, 1990.


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