Hudzon Hawk
[[Image:{{{image}}}|300px| ]]
Age: Season 1-17. Season 2-18
Race: Zombie.
First appearance: 'The vampire who turned Werepyre' Part 1.


Hudzon wasn't always a zombie. He was originally a youth who lived in the year 1006. Sadly, he died of smallpox at the age of 17. He made a bet with Death that he could live 1000 years in his dead, rotten body. Death returned him to his corpse. Ever since that day, Hudzon has taken great care to ensure his body doesn't rot.

In his zombie state, he is shown to have an obsession for blood bee honey, which is a rich red in color. He is a very mischievous zombie who likes to play pranks on people. He isn't snobbish like Skye Sharpe though.

He has white hair, white eyes, and rotten skin. He has a maggot on the left side of his face, although it is mostly hidden.

Hudzon is a lazy zombie who sleeps all day and all night. Despite his lazybum ways, he is willing to assist his friends if necessary. He is uninterested and lazy in training, as a result, he fights rather badly for a Guardian. Hudzon is unable to cast magic but is good at using his bare hands. Due to his zombie state, he doesn't feel much pain.

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