Zans/Hudzon Bateleur
[[Image:{{{image}}}|300px| ]]
Age: Season 1-18.
Race: Human.
First appearance: 'Blunderbuss storms.'


He is the main character in Pilot League. He shares many personality traits of Hudzon Hawk, and it is implied that they might be the exact same person, as he frequently states his age as nearly immortal. He also seems to know the events of TYA in the right order. He is a very good pilot, preferring to use stunts in air combat. This earned him the nickname of Bateleur. He says his name is Zans.


He is described as having dark brown hair, blue green eyes and stubble over his upper lip. He gets angry if he is called stupid. Swearing is one trait of Bateleur. He hates Topsy Turvy with a passion, believing in good old Christianity.

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