In the United Republic of Earth, there are members of homosapiens who believe that"normal" humans are racially and morally superior to aliens, variant human races, and A.I. machines. They favor the United Republic taking a hostile stance toward the Horsehead Empire and the Golems and trying to maintain friendly relations with House Lionheart. They also favor a diplomatic repproachment with the Mantis Lords, who sometimes covertly support the human supremacists within United Republic space. The human supremacists also favor repealing the reforms granting the Cyber Guild and Council of Non-Human Sentients the right to appoint non-human members to the United Republic's ruling Senate. They also favor changing the policy of the United Republic treating the variant human races as true humans like "normal" humans. These racists are opposed by the Cyber Guild, the Council of Non-Human Sentients, the local elements of the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun, and the Interplanetary Merchant League. The human supremacists and their foes usually resort to public propaganda and peaceful debates to promote their respective worldviews, but radical elements on both sides do resort to violence.

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