The human Adventures of Theodore Tugboat is a humanized spin-off of Theodore Tugboat. It takes place after Thomas becomes a celebrity.


These are all the characters that appear in the show.


Theodore is the series' main protagonist. He wears a light-red T-shirt with black jeans and his red baseball cap. Compared to his older brother Foduck, Theodore is the only brains in that family. His idol is Thomas Jones. His best friend is Hank (who is a complete idiot). Through out the show, Theodore is unaware of Emily's feelings for him. But as the show goes on, Theodore notices that he and Emily both have alot in common (an example is that they both have idiot brothers) and he begins to open up to her.


Emily is the females protagonist of the show. She is known by her turquoise fishing hat which she had since she was a little girl. Sher also wears the same color shirt with a black skirt.


Season One:

1. The New Begininng

2. The Chosen 5

3. Beat The Heat

4. Night Out On The Town

5. Chef Wars

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