This is a List of Human characters from TUGS created by Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends producers David Mitton and Robert D. Cardona. Please note that some Mentioned Human Characters from TUGS spin-off known as Salty's Lighthouse are included!

Captain Star


Captain Star

Captain Star is a fictional character from the 1989 children's series TUGS, from the producers of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton.

Captain Star is the most prominent character in the whole series, due to the fact that he narrates it. He narrates in past tense, and in a way that makes it clear that he is no longer at the helm of the fleet, and since the 1920's he has retired. It is unknown whether he is looking back from the actual time the programme was released (late eighties) or before, neither it is known who he is recounting his memories to. He narrates all thirteen episodes.

He is obviously a veteran sailor and owns the Star Fleet. He ever appears as a speaker/microphone in the window of the Star dock building. He takes great pride in his fleet, but he knows that it is important to be hard on them in order to succeed. He is usually very defiant and is always very strict if something doesn't go as shipshape as it's suppose too. He has seven tugs and one submarine (this is from 4th July onwards), they are: Ten Cents, Big Mac, OJ, Top Hat, Warrior, Hercules, Sunshine and Grampus.

Captain Star's character reflects that of Sir Topham Hatt from the sister series, as the owner and the leader.

Captain Star is voiced by veteran voice actor Patrick Allen, known throughout the world by his distinctive voice.

In Salty's Lighthouse the captain was actually a female character along with Sunshine and Little Ditcher and was voiced by Lenore Zann. Her character reflects that of Lady Hatt from the sister series.

Captain Zero


Captain Zero

Captain Zero is a fictional character from the 1988 series TUGS, from the producers of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton.

Captain Zero is Captain Star's main rival, and he is owner of the Z-Stacks/Zero Fleet. Like Captain Star, he only ever appears as a speaker/microphone in the window of the Zero dock building. He speaks with a Scottish (exact region uncertain) accent.

Very little is known about him, although it is often implied that he has a criminal gangster background, especially in the episode High Winds which featured Johnny Cuba. He is always looking for ways of getting ahead of Captain Star, and will often resort to 'devious' ways in order to do so.

He has five tugs in his fleet: Zorran, Zebedee, Zak, Zug and Zip, who fear him greatly and follow orders obediently. It is likely that, if a second series gone into production, more of his mysterious personality would have been unmasked. He was only seen in 5 episodes.

Captain Zero's character reflects that of the Diesel 10 from the sister series, as being the leader of the evil villains. His character also reflects that of The Angry Policeman and The Barber from the sister series.

He is voiced by Mike Mulloy.

In Salty's Lighthouse he was voiced by American Actor French Tickner. His character reflects that of Mr. Percival from the sister series.

Garbage Corporation

Municipal Garbage Corporation

The Municipal Garbage Corporation

The owner of the Garbage Corporation yard. Organises the 'Municipal Garbage Corporation' float for the annual regatta. He appears in a famous scene from Regatta. He is voiced by Timothy Bateson.

Quarry Master


The Quarry Master

The owner of the rock quarry. Appears briefly in Warrior. He also appears in Bigg Freeze. He is voiced by John Baddeley.

Captain Dynamo

Captain Dynamo was a TUGS Segment Character from Salty's Lighthouse in the segment The Missing Barge from the episode Who Took My Crayons? He owns a Dock called Delta Dynamo (or in TUGS known as the Creepy Dock from Pirate) He reports to Captain Star that he never got the engine parts, altough they were Ten Cents' last delivery for the day, but Ten Cents forgot to tie his barge to the dock tight enough, and the barge floated away.

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