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  • Actual Name-Mikal Gorbichov
  • Date Of Birth-September 14, 1972
  • Place Of Birth-Chernobyl, Russia
  • Age-34
  • Nemesis-Supersonic Eyes, Spiderman, Human Torch
  • Powers-Can disquise into any human or animal form, if need be he can fly. Flaming ability.
  • Weakness-He can be defeated by the Supersonic Eyes because, he cannot be recognized as his human form, or he will lose his powers forever. Also, water is his weakness.


The Human Disquise was born in 1972 into the toxic waste city of Chernobyl Russia. When he was born he was diognosed with a disease that would kill him within a year. But his mother, Tatyana, wouldn't let that happen, so she took him to Moscow, where a special witch doctor promised to help him live. But, what his mother didn't know was that the witch doctor was actually creating a villain to fight the superheroes in the world. After the witch doctor supposedly healed him, he took him from his mother, and gave him to a supervillain by the name of Supersonic Eyes. Supersonic Eyes could tell that this little baby would become one of the most powerful villain's ever. When The Human Disquise was old enough to learn how to use his powers the Supersonic Eyes trained him. But, Supersonic Eyes could detect The Human Disquise no matter what form he took. So, every time that they sparred against each other, The Human Disquise was beaten brutally.

Later Years

During the later years in his life, The Human Disquise and his master took on a superhero strike team sent to eliminate the villains. Once The Human Disquise and the Supersonic Eyes arrived at where they thought that the heroes would be, the heroes had already arrived. The Supersonic Eyes had no way to escape the onslaught of five heroes against him, and re was knocked out cold. But before he was knocked out cold, he told The Human Disquise to retreat back to their hideout and stay there. The Human Disquise obeyed and left his master to the Heroes. No heroes followed The Human Disquise back to his hideout.

Supersonic Eyes

For the next year The Human Disquise searched around for another villain but found none, so he stayed in hiding. But then, one and a half years after his masters capture he started his treachery again. And on year two after his masters capture he spotted his master again. He followed what he thought was his master, all the way to America, where he ran into a building in Los Angeles. But, when he entered, he did not find his master welcoming him, but attackin him. The Supersonic Eyes had attacked The Human Disquise and knocked him on the ground, then Supersonic Eyes had told him of how he had been redeamed by the heroes. But, the Human Disquise broke loose from his grip and flew away. Never would he see his master again, because The Human Disquise attached four packs of C4 to the building and detonated it, wounding his master but not killing him.

The Final Fight

The Human Disquise had one day been in a Volgograd restraunt when he saw what he thought to be a hero by the name of Spiderman. So, The Human Disquise disquised himself as a common person of Russia, and made his way to him. But, before he could get there Spiderman swung out the window sill. The Human Disquise followed and was hit on the head by Spiderman. He then used a special power spiderman never thought he had, he used his flaming ability to break through Spiderman's webbing. He then flew away into the night, but was struck down by the Human Torch, who threw him into the water, which killed him.

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