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The humanized spinoff of the beloved Thomas and Friends.


  • Thomas Boskovsky Billinton

16-year-old, black hair, blue T-shirt with the number one on it, dark blue jeans, blue eyes, brown shoes, red shirt collar.

  • Percy Jones Avonside

15-year-old, brown hair, light green T-shirt with the number six on it, dark blue jeans, green eyes, green shoes with white soles.

  • James Ivatt Hughes

17-year-old, black hair, red T-shirt with the number five on it, blue jeans, brown eyes, brown shoes.

  • Gordon Herbert Gresley

18-year-old, mixed brunette/raven hair, brown eyes, black shoes

  • Henry Bill Stanier

18-year-old, raven hair, green eyes

  • Edward Peter Stewart

19-year-old, raven hair, blue eyes

  • Molly Jamie Holden

16-year-old, blond hair, yellow T-shirt, red pants, blue eyes, red sandals, gold earings, blue necklace, white hair braid, red shirt collar.

  • Emily Patricia Stirling

16-year-old, brown hair with two pony tails sticking on both sides of her head, dark green T-shirt with a brown line design or a green crop top exposing her belly button, blue jeans, green eyes, green shoes, blue earings, green hair braid.

  • Billy Wardle

Orange shirt and two big teeth sticking out

  • Charlie Wardle

Purple shirt and a normal set of teeth

  • Toby Holden Worsdell

Brown hair, brown t-shirt with the number 7 on it

  • Neville Bullied
  • Montague Charles "Duck" Swindon
  • Donald John McIntosh and Douglas Frederick McIntosh

Donald has blond hair and brown eyes, Douglas has black hair and blue eyes

  • Roseann "Rosie" Pauline Vulcan

14-year-old, pink shirt, purple skirt, red pants and hair with two small pony tails

  • Oliver Collet
  • Hiro Shima
  • Daisy Cammell

17-year-old, blond hair, green top and black skirt

  • Mavis Drewry

15-year-old, long black hair with yellow stripes and pony tails, black shirt with "Ffarquhar Quarry Co." on it, a yellow pattern on the selves and a long black and yellow skirt

  • Flora Moseley

15-year-old, sunhat, blond hair, yellow top and red skirt

  • Stanley George Hudswell

17-year-old, white hair, white T-shirt, gray pants, green eyes, brown shoes, his name on shirt in yellow.

  • Seth "Whiff" Worsdell
  • Davis Samson "Eagle" Hughes
  • Vincent "Diesel 10" Warship

Middle-aged man, black hair, olive shirt with missing left sleeve, black pants, yellow eyes, black shoes, robot arm in place of left arm.

  • Daniel "Diesel" Gronk

18-year-old, black hair, black T-shirt with red sleeves and two Ds on it, blue pants, brown eyes, black boots.

  • Spencer Gresley
  • Victor Works
  • Scott Nigel Gresley
  • Boby Cody "BoCo"" Metropolitan
  • Arry and Bert Gronk
  • Splatter and Dodge Gronk
  • Paxton Rodney Gronk
  • Sidney Gronk
  • Neil Linsday
  • Kyle "Bear" Hymek
  • Dennis and Norman Ashford
  • Bill and Ben Bagnall
  • Lady Stone

15-year-old, blond hair, purple shirt with her name in yellow, yellow pants, blue eyes, pink shoes, pink hair braid, magic whistle.

  • Annie and Clarabel Awdry/Billinton

12-year-old, brunette hair and red skirts

  • Phillipa "Pip" and Emma Crewe

15-year-old, blue crop tops, yellow shorts and brunette hair

  • Skarloey Jennings


  • Rheneas Jennings


  • Falcon "Sir Handel" Lodge


  • Stuart "Peter Sam" Lodge


  • Will "Rusty" Hornsby


  • Duncan Barclay


  • Mighty Mac Fairlie


  • Freddie Hunslet


  • Ivo Hugh Barclay


  • Fred Hunslet


  • Duke Lodge


  • Bertram Boston

early 40's-year-old

  • Kevin


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