A brief history:

The Temple of Humour and Mischief had its first incarnation under the auspices of Sayrina, the first Goddess of Humour. At this point, Thoth served as her Hero of Mischief. The original Temple survived for a number of years, until Sayrina was pulled away from the Lands. At this point, the Temple morphed into the Household of Humour, with Joya serving as the Household leader.

Eventually, Thoth ascended to become the Immortal of Humour, and Joya became his Heroine. With the Temple again open, many people from the older Temple rejoined, and many new people joined for the first time. The Temple grew, and eventually a physical Temple area was placed within the Lands. However, with Thoth's lessening availability to his followers, something drastic had to occur. Joya rose to become the co-Immortal of Humour, taking her place beside Thoth. Both Thoth and Joya have gradually faded from the lands.

Over time the temple was without an Immortal or Hero. It went many years without divine help but the temple continued to pull through the tough times. Until the membership, never faultering, received a new glimmer of hope. Mitchellx, Hero of the Sea, became increasingly interested in helping out the temple. Until one day, a potion "mishap" sent the Hero into a trance that helped him embrace all that is humour. It is said that it was then when he realized the humour in all things. He then took his place as Immortal of Humour and Mischief.

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