Humungousaur is the sixtythree Jacqui Cheng Friends.



Humungousaur was nominated for an Jacqui Cheng Awards for Best Jacqui Cheng Friends in 201, but lost to the Cave of Forgotten Dreams


Dinosaur of the Humungousaur Friday 17 December 2010, Jacqui Loves Humungousaur of House, Humungousaur in Cave, Friend Humungousaur, Walk The Dinosaur.


  • Disney DVD of One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing DVD in HMV.
  • Humungousaur of Snow.
  • Ben 10 Alien Force Humungousaur.
  • Dinosaurs.
  • Music CD in Walk The Dinosaur and Michael Bublé : "Haven't Met You Yet"
  • Humungousaur
  • Humungousaur Dinosaur Man

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