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This is a testpad for the Hungry Musician.

What It Is

Based on an idea that touring musicians have unique needs when it comes to food and eating on the road, this wiki hopes to be a place for professional musicians with discerning taste to recommend restaurants to others looking for a place to eat before or after a gig while on tour. After experiencing countless trips to small towns across the globe which end in (or are punctuated by) frantic and unfortunately futile attempts to find a good meal after sound check (usually resulting in a resigned meal at whatever chain restaurant is closest to the venue) a few musicians had the idea that if we pool our eperiences in an online database, we can increase our chances at finding a gastronomic experience that complements life on tour.

How To Contribute

(eventually to be placed on a "Guidelines for entry" or FAQ) Entries will be organized by location, namely city and country, and in large countries (Canada, U.S. for now) by state/province.

The archetypal entry will be of an independent business in some small town, although best-kept-secret restaurants in larger cities are welcome too. The general rule is not to include large chain restaurants, as they are predictable and prolific. It's the unique serendipitous discoveries of wonderful food in unlikely places that we wish to document here, rather than the predictable mediocrity that is consistent and pervasive.

Don't add your favourite restaurant in your own home town. This is for places you experience as a musician on the road.

Entries will only be made to recommend a good experience, not to discourage a bad one. Don't use these pages to complain about restaurants, but to praise them. Disagreements should be handled on the "Discussion" pages.

Please sign your entries. Of course people have different tastes, and if one reader finds a contributor that he/she tends to agree with, it's easy to see what else that person recommends.

  • Right now we should set up a template for an entry. Anyone who has experience writing templates, please help out. I'll do it if I have time to learn...

Things To Look For

Criteria for a good entry could include:

  • Good choice for between sound check and downbeat (speed and location being prime considerations)
  • Good choice for after the gig (late night: is the kitchen still open?)
  • Reasonable pricing (not gonna blow your whole per diem)
  • Worth a stop enroute on travel days (e.g. borscht in Grand Forks BC)
  • Can you park your van/bus in sight of your table (if it's full of gear)
  • The usual restaurant criteria (service, food quality, etc.)
  • Also worth adding are breakfast spots, and good takeout that is hotel-room consumable.

Listings By Country