Medium size T-virus Mutation
HD: 6d8+15 (HP: 42)
Initiative: +8
Speed: 40ft.
AC: 14 (+4 Dex) DR: 5/-
Attacks: 2Claws +10, Bite +7
Damage: 2Claws 1d6+5, Bite 1d4+3
Face/Reach: 5ft. by 5ft. / 5ft.
Special Attacks: Leap Attack
Special Qualities: Infectious, Darkvision 60ft.
Saves: Fort+5 Ref+8 Will+3
Abilities: Str 20 Dex 18 Con 16 Int 4 Wis 14 Cha 4
Skills: Balance +5, Climb +7, Hide +5, Jump +10, Listen +4, Move Silently +6, Spot +4, Swim +6, Tumble +5
Feats: Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lighting Reflex, Multiattack, Weapon Focus (2Claws)
CR: 6

Leap Attack: The Hunter may attempt to leap towards an opponent within a 40ft. radius, the victim of this attack must succeed a Reflex Save (DC20) or be decapitated (vorpal effect). If the victim succeeds the save he takes the normal claw damage (1d6+5).

Special: Anyone who sees a Huner for the first time must make a Fear save V.S. a DC 20 (10 +Cha score +CR) or become panicked (-2 morale penalty on save throws and attack rolls).

Special Weakness: A Hunter takes double damage from any acid based attack.

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