It was fine sunny day in Pallet Town. In a house by a lake was a boy named Hunter. He was about 12-14 years old....

Hunter was in his room playing a Wii. Outside of the house a Delibird flew down by the Mailbox. The Delibird delivered a letter and flew off....

Little did The little boy in the house know that this letter would take him on an Amazing adventure.... __________________________________________________________________________________


Hunters mom walked out of the house and got the letter. She saw it was to Hunter,she then went inside and knocked on his door.

She yelled,"Hunter!?"

Hunter then turned off the Wii and T.V.

Hunter opened his door and asked,"Yes mom?"

The Mom said,"Theres a letter for you...."

Hunter looked confused and asked,"Who would send me a letter?..."

The mom shrugged and handed him the letter.

Hunter opened the letter and looked at it....

The Letter had written in it,"I have seen into the future that you will soon kill me....So I will blow up the town you live in killing everyonne in it.....Heck,I'll blow up all of Kanto! You must come to my palace to save Kanto....but first you will have to battle me.....You may bring all of your pokemon"

Hunter looked at the letter in very surprised and worried.

He then said angrily,"I'm gonna kill whoevers doing this...." He then ran downstairs with all of his pokeballs and a backpack.

Hunter yelled to his mom,"I'll be back in a few days!!!" And he then ran out of the house and towards the forest.

Watching him from the sky was a Cloaked Figure....Waiting for him to reach the forest.

Hunter then reached the forest and seen a few Slakoths in trees. A few were aslep and two of them were awake. Hunter looked around and saw Two big Vigoroths. The stared at him angrily.

The two Vigoroths ran off deeper into the forest. Hunter shrugged and began to follow them quietly.

As Hunter followed them he saw a Nuzleaf. The Nuzleaf also looked angry. Hunter walked a little faster. The Nuzleaf followed him and Hunter began to run. He then saw the two Vigoroths next to a giant tree. Hunter hid behind a tree and watched them.

The Vigoroths made a few noises and a huge Slaking came down from the tree. He yelled,"WHAT!? A human in My forest!?"

Hunter gasped,knowing the human was him.

The Slaking then said,"I think the human is nearby....Right by us!"

The Vigoroths looked around and spotted the tree Hunter was hiding behind. The moved closer to it and saw Hunter.

Hunter gasped again and tried to run but tripped. The Vigoroths picked him up and dragged him to Slaking.

Hunter screamed,"NO!!!!"

The Slaking looked at him,but didnt seem that much angry. He then said,"Hmmm...A human boy in my forest?....What are you doing here,boy?"

Hunter then replied,"I-i-i'm...trying to save Kant-t-t-to...."

The Slaking looked at him confused and said,"Huh?...."

Hunter then replied again,"I got a letter...saying if i didnt battle the one who sent me it All of Kanto will be destroyed,sir..."

The Slaking yelled,"WHAT!? I'LL LET YOU GO THROUGH THIS FOREST EVEN IF YOU ARE A HUMAN! I wish you luck,young man.....But dont expect to go through this forest ever again without getting trouble from me."

Hunter said,Ok,sir..." and began to run,trying to get out of the forest as soon as possible.

The Cloaked Figure appeared by Slaking and said camly,"Hello..."

Slaking looked at it and said,"Who are you?"

The Cloaked Figure said,"None of your buisness...And why did you let that boy go!?"

Slaking said angrily,"For him to save Kanto and get out of my forest before I hurt you!"

The Cloaked Figure smirked and him and once again said calmly,"You have 3 seconds to live." and blasted a very powerful shadow ball at Slaking.

Slaking then said startled,"WHAT THE-!?" And was hit by the shadow ball. He fell to the ground in pain. A few moments later the Slaking was dead.

The Cloaked Figure laughed evily. The Vigoroths looked at him angrily and started to run at him. The Cloaked figure blasted a few shadow balls at them and the Vigoroths were dead like Slaking.

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