Hunting Lights a bounty hunting Team leaded by Hikari Ino the balance of hope though bounty hunting isn't their only objective they also are searching for Hikari's father Kaito.

Official Members

Hikari Ino(Infinity)

Hikari Ino the leader of the group, At first it was only her Hiei, and Kurama simpily known as the bounty hunting trio, but she felt the need to expand this three person group into a whole team. Hikari has many abilities like the use of alchemy with out a transmutation circle, air bending and water bending, she has the ability to heal others as well as herself,she has the power of the silver phoenix that originated from her father’s side, can fly with one white wing and one black wing her voice is also her most powerful weapon against forces of darkness, she is very strong as well thank to her natural balance strengh, her training with Tsunade, and her phoenix strengh. hikari also has a power known as Light and Dark bending. She also has her Geass given to her by her other self infinity.


Kurama second in command of the group is a demon thief who, after being wounded by a bounty hunter, possessed and fuses with the unborn son of Shiori Minamino. Growing up for fifteen years as Shuichi Minamino Kurama has learned to embrace his human lifestyle. Kurama is a polite, soft-spoken boy and a dutiful son. Calm and analytical, Kurama will go to any lengths to accomplish his goals, even if they endanger his life. He prefers to study the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents before devising a strategy of his own. He has an incredible sense of smell and has picked up many skills over the years, including the ability to read lips. Kurama's real talent is with plants: He can turn plants into deadly weapons, and has been known to use herbal remedies to treat wounds and other ailments. His favorite weapon is a bara shibenjin , commonly called the Rose Whip. Under certain circumstances, he is able to change into his original form, a four-tailed youko. Kurama normally takes control of the group when Hikari can't.He is now enjoying the company of new memebers as well. He also loves to see Hiei get anoyed by Omi.


Hiei acts as third in command, he would be second if not for the fact that he also works on Team Faust. Along with his demon abalities Hiei also has the power od the Dark Side of the force thanks to his travels with X. Hiei though he dosen't show it dose care for the rest of the team, espically Hikari and Omi. Hiei sees Hikari as almost like his twin sister Yukina but knows Hikari can take care of her self but it dosen't stop him from worrying. Hiei decides to take Omi as his responiblity even though the monk annoys the living hell out of him he dose care about the monk.


An orphan trained as a monk in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu since birth, Omi is the Xiaolin Dragon of Water. His element represents how he can be calm like a serene pond or raging like a disastrous tsunami. He takes his work very seriously and is the only one that wears his Xiaolin robe at almost all times. When it comes to martial arts, he is the most skilled Xiaolin monk of the group.After that ordeal it would seem that everything would settle down until the temple was attacked and destroyed by the Holy Knights.Omi wandered the desert for 14 days before finally passing out. He would have died if not for Hikari finding him. Hikari took the young monk to the balance world and nursed him back to health. Hikari then offered Omi a place in the balance world and on her bounty hunting team but Omi didn't know since he never killed anyone,but Hikari promised nothing would be held against him. His signature Shen Gong Wu is the Orb of Tornami. His Wudai Weapon is the Shimo Staff. His elemental Shen Gong Wu is the Kaijin Charm. Hikari has also taught omi how to waterbend and even bloodbend but has told him to only use bloodbending if he really needs to. Omi also see Hikari as a surrogate mother

Edward Elric

Edward Elric is the youngest State Alchemist to be selected by the State Military of the country, having achieved the rank of Major at age twelve, receiving the title of the Fullmetal Alchemist shortly after. His father's disappearance when Edward was young, the death of his mother, and a failed transmutation. Edward's motivation stems from a love for his brother Alphonse, for whom he is desperately seeking a way to restore to a human form after their alchemy accident. Due to this, he is also generally perceived to be very independent; he feels that he's the only one who can solve a problem. Often, he feels a heavy guilt that the problem is his fault to begin with, and thus is his responsibility to solve. This gives him a selfless inclination. Edward is extremely short for his age and is very sensitive about his height, and tends to humorously overreact to any comment about it. Edward makes a habit of breaking out into rants and frenzied outbursts when called "short" or any variation of the word. Edward is and was Hikari first best male friend(next to Kurama and Hiei) The two seem to start argueing and can even make it look like they were lovers. but the two alchemist see each other more as siblings than anything

Alphonse Elric

Alphonse is a sweet boy who loves (mostly feline) strays, a very strong pacifist, and is kind and gentle to everyone. These traits are considered childish tendencies, the reason is said to be because he has a stunted emotional maturity from not growing physically at all. He almost stays the same age in his armor 'body'. Edward, feeling a tremendous guilt over affixing Al to something that won't grow or have senses, doesn't care what happens to himself and would without second thought give his life to give Al his body; he believes Al may lose his humanity. Alphonse is completely against Edward dying or being separated from him, so Al stops his brother from going too far for him. Hikari knew if she was going to have Edward on her team she had to put Al on too. Unlike Ed Hikari talks to Al alot more the younger Elric may have some feeling toward the balance

Ty lee

Ty Lee is a cheerful and energetic young woman who, has been shown to be a deadly enemy, due to her unique fighting style and her acrobatic skills, which focuses on striking pressure points to disable her opponents, which can temporarily disable their ability to bend. After betraying Azula, she was temporarily imprisoned and released when the Fire Lord was defeated. She is shown to have bonded with the Kyoshi Warriors while in jail and has joined them. Hikari is actually good friends to Ty Lee believing the girl could be good if given the chance. Ty Lee normally spars against either Ed or Al since their bodies are so differient


Tenten is the only female member of Team Guy, and firmly believes that female ninja are just as skilled as male ninja. Of all the Naruto protagonists, In battle, Tenten specializes in weaponry, ranging from projectiles to close-combat weapons and even explosives by the second part of the series. During a fight, she can overwhelm opponents by summoning hundreds of weapons and bombarding them with pinpoint accuracy. Tenten uses this expertise to help Neji Hyuga train his defensive techniques, and she holds him in high regard since he can always block her attacks. Tenten joined Hikari's group also finds out about another her who is in love with a hero (Blade Master).

Kagome Higurashi

Kagome Higurashi is the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo, who died 500 years. The Shikon Jewel is hidden inside Kagome until a demon pulls her into the Bone Eater's Well back through time to the Feudal Era, where it extracts the Jewel from her body.Kagome takes over Kikyo's task of protecting the Shikon Jewel, but accidentally shatters it with an arrow into numerous shards that disperse throughout the country. As Kikyo's reincarnation, Kagome possesses great spiritual power and can purify tainted shards of the jewel. Hikari had met kagome when she was 7. And with Tenten's help kagome has become a better markswoman

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki, when sent from the soul society to vanquish a hollow, she runs into Ichigo who causes her to get injured by the hollow and consequently ends up giving him all of her powers rather than half. She then helps him do her job as a soul reaper until the soul reapers Renji Abarai and Byakuya Kuchiki come and take her back to the soul society for committing a capital offense (giving her power to a human) as they try to kill Ichigo. Rukia has lived ten of Ichigo's lives (you do the math) and that she inhabits a Gigai (fake body given to disimpower soul reapers. Also she likes anything to do with rabbits and draws very poorly. Personality wise, she's kinda weird. Rukia along with Renji during their earlier years babysat hikari Rukia found Kari to be a perferct little angel but Renji well he called kari "A demon fox in child form"


Ryuk is the main Shinigami of the Death Note series. Bored with the activities (or lack thereof) of the Shinigami realm, Ryuk obtains a second Death Note and drops it in the human realm for someone to find, hoping to amuse himself. He deliberately writes the instructions on the front page (in English, which he assumed to be the most popular language in the human realm) so people would understand its purpose. The Death Note is discovered by , and Ryuk follows him around for much of the series to see how Light uses it. Ryuk has a fairly humanoid appearance. His skin is gray, or a purple-ish color, his limbs are abnormally long, and he has bulging yellow eyes with black irises (red in the anime). Ryuk is characterized by his constant amusement by, and apathy in regards to, Light's problems. He enjoys seeing Light overcome the various challenges put to him, and often waits until the worst possible moment to inform him of a certain aspect of the Death Note just to get a laugh. He is occasionally helpful if it serves his own interests, such as obtaining apples or furthering his own amusement, but for the most part will jokingly ask Light what his next move will be or have Light explain to him the point of a certain action. Ryuk has a great fondness for , comparing them to cigarettes and alcohol for Shinigami (Shinigami apples are withered and taste like sand, as he shows Misa at one point), and will go through a type of if he goes for too long without eating them. His withdrawal symptoms involve twisting himself up like a pretzel and doing handstands. He also states that he is shy around girls. In addition to apples, Ryuk is fond of video games.As Ryuk explains when he first meets Light, he is bound to take Light's life when his time comes. In the manga, Ryuk does this after Light is shot several times by Matsuda. He desperately begs Ryuk to write the names of the investigation team and the SPK members in the Death Note, but Ryuk just writes Light's name instead. He was expecting Light might have thought of some way out of his situation, but seeing as he was desperate enough to go to Ryuk for help, he decided it was all over for him. Ryuk returns to the Shinigami realm. Hikari meet ryuk while in Death Note Ryuk became intersted in hikari so soon as light died Ryuk appeared in the balance world wanting to have some fun so Hikari had Ryuk join the hunting Lights as her personal scout


Bumblebee appears in the live-action in 2007, returning to his role as the friend of the Autobots' human ally - in this case, . Sam possesses the glasses of his great-great-grandfather Captain , a famous explorer. Unknown to Sam, the glasses are engraved with the coordinates showing the location of the life-giving . Bumblebee is assigned to guard Sam from the Decepticons, and poses as a dilapidated 1976 as Sam and his father are buying a car for Sam. They eventually purchase Bumblebee, due in no small part to Bumblebee damaging every other car at the dealership to ensure his purchase. Later, Bumblebee drives away from Sam's home to summon the Autobots. Sam thinks Bumblebee is being stolen, and chases the car on his bike. Sam then witnesses Bumblebee transforming into robot mode and reports it to the police, who believe he is on drugs. Bumblebee returns to Sam and his crush and protects them from an attack by and , earning Sam's trust. When Mikaela criticizes the poor condition of Bumblebee's vehicle mode, he scans a passing and transforms into the same model (in the comic adaptation he simply downloads information on the new model car over a wireless internet connection.) Bumblebee then drives Sam and Mikaela to an alley where they meet the other Autobots. They return to Sam's house and retrieve the glasses, but a secret government organization, Sector 7, arrests Sam and Mikaela. The Autobots attempt to rescue them but Bumblebee is captured and taken by Sector 7. There he is tested/tortured by the Sector 7 scientists using electric shocks that appear to hurt him. Sam eventually negotiates his release. Bumblebee survives the massive battle at the film's climax, although he loses the use of his legs after helping deflect missiles from . With Mikaela's aid, he is able to rejoin the battle supported by a tow truck, and destroys . After the battle, Bumblebee is fully repaired and asks to stay with Sam and is granted permission from both Sam and Optimus Prime. He is later seen alongside Ironhide, Ratchet, and Optimus watching the sunset while Sam and Mikaela recline on his hood at the end of the movie. Bumblebee is voiced by in the film, but he mostly speaks with his radio, having had his voice processor damaged (though his actual voice squeaks and whines laboriously through much of the movie). He also speaks with quotes from television shows and movies, in a way similar to from the 1986 film and season three of the G1 cartoon series. Bumblebee appears in the sequel film, Revenge of the Fallen. Bumblebee first appears in the movie by breaking out of the Witwicky's garage to rush to Sam's defense due to an fragment bringing all the kitchen appliances to life in Sam's house, but he also nearly destroys the house, He still uses his radio to speak (despite his vocal processors being repaired) when he shows excitement at going with Sam to college, only to be disappointed later when Sam tells him that he can not come, because of the incident at the Witwicky's he is also forced to leave their garage. Soon after Sam begins his semester at college, Bumblebee follows him, trying to alert him to the (named Alice) that Sam is unaware is following him. As both Sam and Alice are riding inside Bumblebee, the Autobot tries to warn Sam through his radio. Having failed this, Bumblebee intentionally brakes hard multiple times and throws Alice around the interior in an attempt to try and damage the Pretender. Bumblebee then proceeds to spray over Alice, thereby embarrassing Sam and forcing Alice to flee.Soon after and begin to torture Sam, Bumblebee arrives alongside to fight Megatron, , and . After Optimus goes into stasis lock, Bumblebee arrives with , and to cover Sam's escape. As they mourn for Optimus, Sam tells Bumblebee that he has failed the Autobots ..."Bee, if you hate me I understand, I messed up, I'm sorry..." , but Bumblebee tells Sam through his radio,..."You are the person I care for most in my life, and if there is anything you need I won't be far away..." After taking Sam, Mikaela, Leo and Simmons to the museum to reawaken . Bumblebee then travels with the humans through a Space Bridge to Egypt (caused by Jetfire) along with Jetfire, the Twins and , and to find the . While the twins have a sibling argument inside the ruins supposedly housing the Matrix when everyone though it to be a deadend, Bumblebee breaks them up ands tosses them out before seeing their fight. But once seeing the Tomb's entrance after the Twins' brawl revealed it, Bumblebee helps the humans enter it by blasting the rest of the wall off.During the final confrontational battle, Sam and Mikaela inadvertently spring a trap set by (who uses Sam's parents as the bait). Bumblebee stays hidden from Rampage's sight, allowing Sam to put in a spot where Bumblebee can initiate a surprise attack. During the subsequent fight, Bumblebee heavily damages Rampage, but is interrupted when Ravage attacks from behind and jumps on his back. After a brief struggle, Bumblebee gets a hold of Ravage and literally tears him apart with his hands, allowing him to finish off and kill Rampage. With Sam's parents free, Sam tells Bumblebee to take care of them, thus removing him from most of the final fight. After Sam is seemingly killed by Megatron, Bumblebee arrives and sees Sam's body on the ground, he is overcome with sadness and stricken with sorrow, believing that he has failed in his duty to protect Sam, but is overjoyed to see him return. Bumblebee is among the remaining at the end of the film. Hikari traveled to this world to act as a peacekeeper. Optimus and Sam allow Hikari to use said Autobot as not only as a teammate but as a mode of transportation.


The Adopted Daughter of Author Fighter Roscoso and Hikari's surrogate little sister.

A young 17 Year old Pokemorph, Hinaten was born in the future, her parents where shockingly the Original Mew and Mewtwo. During this different Future the Sacred Guard where causing havoc for all Pokemorphs, Mew and Mewtwo where fine since they where Pokemon, but since their daughter was a Pokemorph, they knew the Sacred guard would come for her, so with help from the still Alive Emily, they sent her to the past, while Mewtwo erased her memories. Where she met The Space Warrior's after they saved her from the Sacred Guard, she stuck to the team like glue, she even named Ross and Marissa her Adopted parents to their embarrasment. Because she is still young she hasen't mastered her powers yet. However she hates fighting only as a last resort. She usually when scared hugs someone in a viper like grip usually hugging Ross or his girlfriend Marissa. However when one of her friends get hurt she shows why she is Mewtwo's daughter.

Her former Major Problem was the Shadow Rayquaza Pokemorph Yami who want to make her his bride because he taste her energy and found hers to be perfect. He marks her with not only a bite but with a strange serpent mark on her neck. This Mark acts like the Curse Mark but also acts as a Collar should Hinaten try to attack Yami. The only way to remove it is to kill Yami. This was done by the combined effort of the Rayquaza Pokemorph Alistair and the Darkside Ozzy.

Her Mewtwo half has a completely different mindset, this side is more confident and can be a little flirty with Hareta. (Mostly when in Sky Form)

She has two Pokemon and Pokemorph Limits, depending on the mind set of Hinaten she will either change into Duo Mew if she stays in her usually nice and sweet mind set. But if her friends get hurt, her battle wanting mind set takes over and she turns into Duo Mewtwo. She also has a special Item called the Duo Medallion. With this whenever she turns into Duo Mew or Duo Mewtwo the medallion gives her a weapon, Duo Mew is given a special staff. While Duo Mewtwo is given a sword that becomes more sharper when she channels more Psychic Energy.

A new power she got was when Roscoso used the Life Aura's to remove the Curse Mark she was given a power similiar to Yami, she can bite Pokemorphs and drain Energy, she dosen't kill with the bite like Yami did, a running gag is whenever Hinaten is with Hareta she usually asks him if she can bite him, this is usually her way of showing affection to Hareta.

With her powers growing Hinaten wanted to be more independent, so she decided to join Hikari's team who acceptted, usually she helps Omi annoy Hiei or usually hangs out with Tenten and Ty Lee

Voiced by : Amy Birnbaum (Téa Gardner from Yu-gi-oh)

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