Hurricane's Quill

Hurricane's Quill (commonly referred to as "HQ" or "Quill" for simplicity's sake) is the newest member of the Author sworn to defend against threats of the Darksides and their leader, Drake Darkstar. HQ first appeared in Author Fighters: Fair Folk Assault. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent (the voice of Athrun Zala in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED), and his theme song is "Northern Cross" by May'n.

While he is a front-line fighter at heart, Dimensiondude noted that HQ's true strength lies in strategy. While his fighting skills are above average at best, his knowledge in mass combat tactics is excellent. He is often called in to organize movements for Author Fighter teams as well as their allies.

HQ's Origins

Hurricane's Quill was found as an infant in RY 502 in a small Haslanasha settlement known as Wincreche Valley during the Guild era. Quill was found in a snowdrift by one of the elders of the village one day thanks to a pair of snowbirds that had led her out into that area. The elder took him back home, thinking he would find a home among some of the other members of the village. Quill was adopted by the local blacksmith, Ramei. Hurricane's Quill is in fact the English translation of his full name. In Skytongue, his name is Raskus Kanamig Dovemiri.

When Quill was sixteen, Quill was studying the art of smithing under Ramei, but at that time there was sentiment stirring up against the visting Guild, one of the biggest mercantile endeavors in Creation, especially seeing as they were taking much of the trade into their own hands and leaving Ramei and Quill (figuratively) out in the cold. Unfortunately, word of possible dissension from Wincreche was too much for a few rival tribes of Haslan who had become quite powerful thanks to the Guild and decided it would be best if they invaded Wincreche in an attempt to get it back in the fold before it got out of hand. In the ensuing melee, Ramei was killed, his then-girlfriend Lahami kidnapped, and his best friend Randon gone MIA.

More importantly, he Exalted.

After burying Ramei and going on his own way, a member of the Twisted Stone Conclave, Zayne Dreamwalker, managed to discover the newly Exalted Quill and took him to their hiding place out in the Northwest, where he was fully indoctrinated as a Lunar Exalted under the auspices of the Silver Pact, ritually tattooed in moonsilver and given training in the ways of the new Lunar society that had existed since the end of the Usurpation. However, Quill was only half-interested in the plans of the Conclave, he was more interested in finding the other two people he had lost. Unfortunately, this led him to find out that Randon, jealous that Quill had managed to get his mitts on the prettiest girl in the village, sided with the invaders on the day before the invasion in an attempt to get Lahami for himself, but Lahami saw the writing on the wall and killed herself about three weeks after the invasion.

Thoroughly enraged, Quill unleashed a combination of his war form and possibly the deadliest ability in the world for Lunar use, the Relentless Lunar Fury, tearing apart the settlement. Zayne and even Gerd Marrow-Eater, the leader of the Conclave, were forced to intervene to avoid further bloodshed. Afterward, Gerd explained the history of the original Haslanti tribes, having been created by a Lunar many years before, and that as a result of getting killed by the Wyld Hunt about a hundred years previous, the Haslan tribes were no more than dogs and barely treated as such so that they could take what riches the North provided (and while not exactly the wealthiest place, it still had plenty to offer), but Gerd and the Conclave planned to change all that.

And so did the Haslanti Independence War begin.

Quill was a major part of the Haslanti counteroffensive against the Guild during the War, especially when he returned home to Wincreche to help facilitate the efforts there with help from a certain No Moon Lunar ally named Rovus Kermeki that he met along the way. Quill and Randon, now in service to the Guild and surviving Quill's onslaught the first go around, continued to clash back and forth multiple times over the course of the war, but in the final battle was forbidden to aid in the fight to take back the final Guild stronghold at Icehome by Gerd, saying that the final battle was theirs to fight. The battle was won, and Randon tried to escape from the city to return to the nearest Guild outpost, but Quill intercepted him on his way out and after the final duel, Quill finally exacted his revenge on Randon.

After that point, the Lunars had decided to leave the Haslanti League to its own devices, but Quill decided to stay behind, forging a new home for himself in the new Haslanti capital of Icehome.

The rest is history.

HQ's Powers

HQ's powers, although limited to wind and ice-type abilities, are considered to be among the most diverse of the Author Fighters, although he cannot claim complete overall masteries like Darkmagicianmon's mastery of spells and perhaps the overall diversity of abilties like Airnaruto and Hikari Ino.

He is the Author Fighters' sole Exalted, a Full Moon Lunar to be precise. Having Exalted at the age of sixteen, HQ's Lunar Exaltation gives him superhuman strength, stamina, and speed. He also was ritually tattooed in moonsilver, which not only protects him from chimerism and mutations caused by exposure to Wyld energy.

His final mundane ability is mastery over weaponry. He often refers himself as the master-of-arms of the Author Fighters, and can teach anyone how to wield weapons and often spends his time at the AF base working on weapons. Although he uses his twin Gunblades, Dragon Breaker and Akelela, he still has his old moonsilver grand-class grimcleaver, Kandarus (Life-Splitter), hanging on the wall in his room.

Lunar Shapeshifting

HQ's Wolf Form

Hurricane's Quill in his wolf shape

HQ's signature trait comes not from his ice manipulation or his mastery of weapons, but from his shapeshifting abilities. As a Lunar Exalted, he has the ability to take on the forms of any animal he kills in a ritual hunt by drinking their Heart's Blood. Currently, HQ can transform into a wolf, mouse, bobcat, marlin, hawk, tiger, and blue jay. He often uses this to surprise his foes (after all, shapeshifters are hard to come by), but he also uses this to hide himself in a pack of animals, although the mark on his forehead (shown in his wolf form) makes him identifiable.

According to Rovus Kermeki, also a Lunar Exalted, HQ's parameters for the ritual hunt, the special hunt that allows him to obtain new forms, are the most diverse of all the Lunar Exalted in the whole north, and is second to only Lillith the Owl Woman. He also hints that his shapeshifting skills are not confined just to animals, but to spirits, demons, and even humans. However, his shapeshifting has a key weakness: his Tell. All forms that HQ has have unique trait involving HQ's human form: his huge silver mane of hair.

Deadly Beastman Transformation: This technique allows access for HQ to access his War Form, a merging of his spirit shape (a wolf) and his human form, allowing him to gain access to huge strength and endurance. However, whenever he activates this, he also activates an Lunar power called the Relentless Lunar Fury, which further increases his strength, but for the next sixty seconds, HQ completely loses himself to his battle rage.

Twin-Faced Hero: A particular favorite of HQ's, this technique allows him to change genders at will. He goes by Girlyquill in this form to those who know who he really is, and otherwise goes by the name of "Kuroe." He's posed as a female numerous times.

God-Blooded Abilities

HQ's mother is Garda, the Goddess of Snow and second-in-command to Adran-Beaol, the Northern Wind Master. HQ takes the bulk of his abilities from his God-Blooded heritage.

Affinity Element Control: A given considering his heritage, HQ can manipulate any ice within his area of influence, and wind to a certain degree.

Elemental Rejuvenation: HQ has the power to heal his wounds when he's fully immersed in ice or snow.

Garda's Rebuke: HQ swings his weapon, watching as a wave of blue Essence dissolves about his enemies, freezing his enemies in about two feet of ice.

Blizzard Cannon: HQ takes his Essence and fires it in a wind and ice-style Kamehameha wave. Has the same destructive effects of the Kamehameha wave, but also freezes what it doesn't destroy.

Azure Sky Rain: HQ takes his Affinity Element Control and uses it to summon ice from the air and carry it into the wind, then have it come raining down his enemy.

Sunotori Raikiri: When on a mission to Konoha, HQ persuaded Kakashi to teach him his Lightning Blade jutsu. This form of Lightning Blade, called Sunotori Raikiri (Snowbird's Lightning Blade), functions like Lightning Blade, and also freezes the target from the inside out, turning him into a living ice statute. It's not a very pretty technique, so Quill doesn't like using it that much.

Goddess Trigger: The apex of HQ's God-Blooded abilties, HQ taps into the core of his being, taking that Essence and releasing it outward, surrounding himself in an aura of light-blue ice Essence, the sudden eruption of Essence causing a sudden localized snowstorm to prevent a catastrophic climate shift in weather patterns. In this form, his Affinity Element Control reaches new heights, allowing complete control over the wind and even allows him to create ice from air, enhancing his Azure Sky Rain and Blizzard Cannon.

Kamen Rider Garren

In Author Fighters: Shades of Black, the Draconian of Dark Lightning attempted to turn Los Angeles into a shadowland by using engineered undead created from necrotech and aid from a being known only as Joker. Quill's first victim, a Stag Undead, was a category Ace Undead, and after Rovus gave it a once over, determined he could make a new system based on the Kamen Rider Systems used by many of the other Author Fighters (Ross, Hikari, Dawn, Rin, to name a few), and as such created the Kamen Rider Garren system.

Kamen Rider Garren's abilities are centered around the use of Undead of the Diamond Suit, swiping their cards through his Garren Rouzer, a pistol-like weapon. Each card has their own ability to empower him or his gun. Even Starchaser, Quill's Air Skimmer IV, was modified to use these abilities, although currently it only can use the Six of Diamonds.

Ace (Change): When slid into the Garren Buckle Rovus designed, this allows Quill to turn into Kamen Rider Garren.

Two (Bullet): This card enhances Quill's effectiveness with the Garren Rouzer.

Three (Upper): This card enhances Quill's uppercut attack.

Four (Rapid): This card increases the rate of fire for the Garren Rouzer.

Five (Drop): This card enhances the drop-heel kick and leg strength.

Six (Fire): This card supplements the next attack with fire properties.

Seven (Rock): This card allows for Quill to enhance his resilience by turning his skill to stone.

Eight (Scope): This card enhances Quill's accuracy with the Garren Rouzer.

Nine (Gemini): This card creates of a doppleganger of Garren.

Ten (Theif): This card allows for Quill to steal or mimick an attack or form.

Jack (Fusion Jack): When combined with the Queen, it allows Garren to take on a Jack Form. This Jack Form empowers his Burning Smash and Shot abilities and allows Garren to fly.

Queen (Absorb Queen): This card allows for special forms to be used by sliding it into the Rouze Absorber.

King (Evolution King): Garren's ultimate card, it allows him to take on a King Form not unlike Blade's.

Some cards can be combined for special moves.

Burning Smash: Created with the Five and Six of Diamonds, Garren leaps up and kicks his opponent with a fiery drop kick. This is Garren's so-called "Rider Kick."

Burning Divide: Same as Burning Smash, but add the Nine of Diamonds as well to create two Garrens attacking, although only the real one makes the actual blow.

Burning Shot: Created with the Two, Four, and Six of Diamonds, Garren showers his opponent with a flurry of fiery bullets.

Burning Punch: Created with the Three and Six of Diamonds, Garren channels his fist with fiery energy for an uppercut.

Burning Blast: Created with the Two and Six of Diamonds, Garren fires a single fiery bullet.

Burning Impact: Created with the Five, Six, and Seven of Diamond, Garren leaps into the air, dropping an upgraded Rider Kick on his enemy. Named Burning Impact because Garren's kick becomes like a meteor in nature.

Burning Sniper: Created with the Six, Eight, and Nine of Diamonds, Garren takes aim with the Garren Rouzer and fires a sniper-like fireball at his foe.

Straight Flush: Created with the Two through Six of Diamonds and only useable in King form, Garren takes the new King Rouzer, creates the old Garren Rouzer and fires two huge bullets at the enemy.

Royal Straight Flush: Created with the Ten through King and Ace of Diamonds, Garren takes the King Rouzer and fires a golden kamehameha-like wave.

Running Gags

A Warrior, Right to the Last: Having grown up with the beastmen of the Haslanti League, HQ was trained to be a hunter and a warrior like any other beastman. But with the cast-iron endurance and strength it gives him, it also comes with a near-obsession with being a warrior.

A General Rule of Thumb: HQ is very proud of his mane of silver hair (which is his Tell, no less), and anyone who insults his hair is in for a world of hurt.

Alcohol is My Middle Name: HQ's been drinking since he was twelve. But because he's Exalted, his alcohol consumption rate is nearly twice that of even X and Ranger. He is rarely seen without a flask of Haslanti vodka strapped to his ankle, hidden by his pant leg.


  • "Never falter, never run, never surrender. That is the warrior's credo."
  • "Hey now, is that anyway to greet your savior?"
  • "They don't call me 'One-Shot Quill' for nothing, ya know."
  • "Hi, I'm Quill, that's Dawn, and there's a bunch of zombie marauders outside! OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR!"
  • "The judge quit being a douche? Maybe gods do exist."
  • "You can steal my stuff. You can insult my mercs. But the moment you insult my hair, I'LL FREEZE YOU AND SEND YOU TO MEET YOUR ANCESTORS!


  • HQ went through two different stages before eventually staying with his Lunar self. He originally began as a Solar, but was viewed to be too powerful. His second stage was a Dragon-Blood, but was eventually scratched it because it didn't fit his theme (that and the fact that he had new information to work with, which screwed up everything). The Heir of Garda is his third state.
  • HQ also shifted from a Dragon-Blood and Solar to also take up a theme not used very much: shapeshifting. Most of the Author Fighter's abilities that focus around shapeshifting is usually in the same theme as HQ's Goddess Trigger. However, shapeshifting and its other abilities make up the bulk of HQ's combat profile.
  • HQ's Goddess Trigger is a spinoff of a Devil Trigger.
  • HQ has Asperger's Syndrome, a trait he shares with Roscoso, Airnaruto45, and Dimensiondude, among others.

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