Hurricane Cathy
Formed July 15, 2014
Dissipated July 23, 2014

Hurricane Cathy was the first named storm and first hurricane of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season. It formed off from the coast of Africa and treked through the east and central Atlantic Ocean before becoming extratropical on July 23. Hurricane Cathy formed out as a Cape Verde type hurricane that treked out into the open waters of the Altnitc slowly gaining strength over the next couple of days while wind-slashing Cape Verde and the Azores. It became extratropical and headed onto England.

Storm history

File:Hypothetical Hurricane Cathy (2014).PNG

A vigorous tropical wave formed off the coast of Africa on July 13. It slowly tracked over the Cape Verde islands bring heavy rain and high-speed winds over much of the islands. However on July 14, several weather stations on Cape Verde and satellite data both confirmed the presence of tropical storm winds over the island, but the National Hurricane Center had yet never named this as a tropical storm due to a lack of a closed circulation. But nonetheless on the next day, the NHC finally named this as Tropical Storm Cathy, skipping tropical depression status and immediately announcing tropical storm warnings to all of the Cape Verde islands. It made landfall only hours later.

As it slowly tracked northwestards, it reached favoritable condtions and became a Category 1 hurricane on July 18 and then at Category 2 two days later. The hurricane later curved northeastwards on July 21 and weakened back into Category 1 on July 22 when it was slowly beginning its transformation into an extratropical cyclone. While about 2500 miles southwest from England, the Hurricane Cathy then sliced thought the Azores, bring heavy rain and gusty winds like what Bermuda had experienced. But on July 23, Cathy became extratropical over open waters while sustaining 75 mph winds. Ex-Cathy continued to head straight for England while its remants were slowly being absorbed by a cold front associated with a non-tropical low that was over nothern France and southeastern England. By the time ex-Cathy had struck England, the remants were finally absorbed into the front.


TD Four 21 aug 2006 1435Z

Tropical Storm Cathy while affecting the Cape Verde islands.

Cape Verde

After Cathy was upgraded to tropical storm status, the NHC advised tropical strom warnings for residents to stay inside shelters and avoid going outside. Those advisories were ceased on the following day when Cathy was then out of Cape Verde's area.


The NHC posted a hurricane warning by the time Cathy was centered 500 miles off from the Azorian coastline. They're local government warnings had residents move to higher and safer land and to start necessary preparations before the storm hit.

Great Britian

The english weather service gave a gale warning on the approach for ex-Cathy. Otherwise, not much else was prepared.


Cape Verde

Overall damage from Cathy was light with several trees topped down and some powrlines blocked out. Power was quickly restored. One direct death occured when person's car including the driver was swept away due to immense flooding.


While Cathy did cause several minor landslides, damages totaled up to $600,000 with several homes destroyed and with severe flooding. Up to 2 inches of rain was reported in various places while a journalist spotted a collapsed highway. Two people were killed by flash floods while one person was swept away due to a landslide. Also a dead body was found during the recovery and clean up. Assuming that the person had likely died due to drowning.

Great Britian

No fatalities were reported from ex-Cathy except for gusty winds and approximately 1.7 inches of scattered rain.


Although Cathy caused moderate damages to the Cape Verde and Azores islands, the hurricane wasn't retired by the World Meterological Committee and remained on the list for the 2016 Altantic hurricane season.

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