Hurricane Colin (2010)


Hurricane Colin began as a tropical wave coming off the coast of Mexico sometime during the start of the week July 12-17, at first seemed a little unorganized so NHC gave it a low (<30% chance) of forming into a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours but over the next 24 hours began to significantly intensify and by July 14, the system already a couple of hundred miles off the Southern Texas coast was given a great (higher than 50% chance) of forming over the next 48 hours but the next day skipped right to tropical system status, creeped Northeast toward the US Gulf coast while rapidly strengthening and by July 18 became a category 1 hurricane as it struck the Louisiana-Mississippi border with winds near 85 miles per hour and degenerated into a remmant low the next day before exiting out off the Virginia coast and becoming extratropical. Just over 8 inches of rainfall was reported in a small Mississippi neighborhood, about 6 inches in downtown Memphis and 2 to 4 inches throughout Virginia. Numerous coastal Mississippi locations reported wind gusts of near 100 miles per hour or more.

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